How to DIY Bra

Bras that are located in the shops of lingerie, do not always offer the comfort and the support a woman needs. In addition, the generic sizes often exclude certain categories of women, who have unique needs in this field. If you want to make a bra at home, you can customize the type of fabric, shape and amount of coverage you desire, but sew the opening one with their own hands requires some basic sewing skills and a good sewing machine. We see how to make a DIY bra!

You need
Be sure to have on hand:

  • Tape
  • One metre of satin or cotton
  • A model of BRA
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Hooks and eyelets

To begin, measure the circumference of your rib cage just below the bust line, with a tape measure. Attach the meter to your chest, but loosely, and take note of the measures just obtained. Draw the bra model, using the measurements just obtained as a point of reference, then place the fabric of satin or cotton on a flat surface. Put your pattern pieces to the fabric, bra and cut the six pieces that make it up: the two side pieces and the four pieces of the Cup (two front and two rear).
Fold one of the pieces of fabric that will form a cup down the Center, with the straight side of the fabric facing out. The piece should be symmetric, so as to align the two halves opposed: stitched together the two pieces of the Cup along the two shorter sides, with wrong side of fabric facing out. Turn the Cup, and fix it, using pins, to one of the back pieces sewn earlier. Sew along the perimeter of rough edges yet, leaving a gap of about 8 cm. Turn the piece using this opening, then stitch her up using the sewing machine. Repeat with the second cup.
Cutlery a bra straps on the upper right, then lay the first piece bra side, on top of the strap. Sew along the perimeter of the braces on both long sides and one short side, using the sewing machine, and leaving a seam allowance of half a centimetre. Turned the BRA, then do a fold about half a centimetre on the short side stayed open, and cucitelo in position; Repeat with the remaining two pieces of the BRA. Sew together the two central pieces with wrong side facing out, then connect the two front cups together, using the middle piece over. Fastened the bra straps to the upper corner of each Cup, then sewed a hook and an eyelet at the ends of each side piece.