How to Design a Country House?

Check out tips on how to make your cottage more cozy
With the race and stressful routine of big cities, having a special place to relax and get away from all the movement is a luxury thing. The villas are usually the places where you can rest at the holidays or weekends, and generally the buyers are looking for a quiet place where he/she can contact with nature.
Towards those people who have invested in a little peace of mind when purchasing a country house, the decor is more important, since it is a site that asks for comfort and simplicity.
Check out some tips to make your cottage decor more cozy.
If the house calls for a winter look, you should brings in a lot of warmth when decorating it in a rustic style. When decorating your living room, purchasing a brown comfortable leather sofa is a good idea. You can also cover a embroidered blanket on the sofa which can be changed whenever you want a new look. Exposed brick walls or wood can also give a rustic touch to your home, as well as exposed beams. Hardwood floors are great for cottages.
Decorate your room with a beautiful carpet for the cold days and for a greater sense of comfort. And you can also choose many other decorations, such as frames with themes of flowers and landscapes, handmade prints pillows and a beautiful arrangement of flowers.
The bedroom should be the most comfortable room in the house. Choose a traditional wooden bed: canopy model will bring a romantic atmosphere to the room. Pay special attention to bedding, choosing a heavy florida or tyle quilt. Investing in a beautiful carpet; sisal or synthetic hair look great. The lighting of the room is also important. A lamp with yellow light can make your room more cozy.
When decorating the kitchen, it is worth investing in practical and necessary appliances in the country, even if the kitchen probably won’t be used often. When choosing cabinets, it is more suitable if you always choose wood look with different ports as leaked drawings of heart. For example, you can paint the door of cabinets in blue, which makes people more cheerful.
If you have big space, choose a nice wooden bench with a layer of waterproof veneer to make quick meals. Shelves which displays mugs and bottles of spices will give a charm to your kitchen. Towards the dinner table, you can choose pieces of varnished wood or worn for a rustic look, which can be easily found in antique furniture shops. Use straw baskets to store fruit or beautiful flowers is also charming.
It is turn to decorate the bathroom in your home, and this time you should focus on details. Delicate lace curtains of windows and embroidered towels will make you pleasure. If your box is from cortina, opt for the flower-themed. A mirror of the vintage model is also wonderful that can easily be found in an antique shop. Towards the walls, the Portuguese tile will match perfectly with your rustic decor.
In the external area, you can choose clay pots with colorful flowers. A wooden table for an afternoon coffee or a barbecue can provide you an opportunity to communicate with nature. Besides you can also put a comfortable hammock in the shade of the porch of the entrance of your cottage. Wooden benches and lounge padded chairs is perfect for a meeting with the family outdoors. You can attach hooks on exterior wall of your cottage and hang small potted plants. You can also use this space to create a small garden with fresh spices.
If your cottage has a external area with a pond or a large yard with pool, give enough prominence to these elements. Bigger pots of clay, a gazebo are all great idea to make it more charming.
The most important thing when decorating your cottage is that it must has its own style, because as a welcoming place, it will bring many pleasure and memories to you.