How to Combine the Color Red?

Studies indicate: women can attract more men when they wear red suit! Hahaha … truth, girls! They express more affection and find more beautiful, according to a study conducted at the University of Rochester, USA. The research was published in the scientific journal Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, scientists came to this conclusion through psychological experiments, where they discovered that red makes men feel more amorous toward women and that they are unaware of the role of color in female attraction. In other words, if you want to conquer a man faster, can wear red! Having that information in hand, let’s cut to the Chase … Girls, you know how to use the red outfit in your favor? You remember that recently posted here on the blog tips on how to match the colors of the clothes, but we gave prominence to the blue? Look here! The post has been the greatest success, we received several messages in congratulating the material, and – as promised – today we will continue the Mission of helping our readers to use the colors in favor of looks! So, as you might understand, the agenda of today is about how to combine the color red! Animated? Check out the following tips!
Red is an intense color. It is common to find people who don’t know how to use it or even afraid. We must confess that really is a color that appears in our closets, but we admire who knows how to combine it with the personality. After all, red is not so much a big deal and he is always strong in trend! The shade of Red should match your skin tone, and that goes for clothes as for lipsticks. There’s reds pulled into the orange, cherry or even a tone close to wine. Generally, those who have more yellowish skin go well with red orange tones. For those who have the pink-skinned, the cherries and wine combine. It’s still good test in front of the mirror to see what looks best with plus size fashion from politicsezine. Most of the time the red becomes flawless when approaching a look more sailor. That is, can mix with black, dark brown, navy blue, stripes and blazers, because it gives super right. For the red keep more casual, try mixing with other more fun colors such as yellow, blue, green or even orange. Put two strong colors on the look is good size and are in vogue; It’s called color blocking. If the color will give feet more prominence to that using more neutral colors on top. Use red bag with red shoe can also, but you don’t have to if you do not want to be combining.
Look at the suggestions of looks that split up and inspire in combination of colors!
Primary colors: Are pure colors, not obtained by any mixture of: blue, yellow and red.
Secondary colors: Result from the mixture of two primary colors: green, violet and orange
Neutral colors: black, white, grays and ivories. Are wildcards and combine with almost all shades.
Cool colors: derived from violet, blue and green, are those associated with the feeling of cold, ice, the sea, the sky. For this, bring the feeling of tranquility and calmness.
Hot colors: cool colors, the opposing warm colors are more “lively”, which transmit the sensation of heat and adrenaline. Covers the colors derived from the primary colours yellow, Orange and red.
Contrasting: Are opposed in the circle of colors: green and red, yellow and purple, Orange and blue. A primary color contrasts with a secondary and vice versa. The contrasting colors stand out among themselves. One enhances the other. If you bought a red bag, use with a green blouse.
Similar to: Appear side by side: yellow and orange, red and purple, green and blue, green and yellow, blue and purple, red and orange. Orange, for example, is similar to the color red and yellow, because it arises from the combination of these two colors. For this match well and give the idea of uniformity and harmony.
The tips of how to combine the colors do not stop here. Soon we will put other guesses for you to mount looks colorful, without fear of making mistakes!