How to Combine Leggings

Cosy, sporty or stylish: combinations of fashionable Glenzleggings

Those who thought that the times of the leggings are long gone, which is wrong. Leggings can be seen today almost more often than in the 80s – and they are very modern. Especially shiny leggings can be combined together with other clothing to stylish outfits.

What look I want to achieve?

When combining it depends on what effect you want to achieve. With leather jacketand high heels that will outfit rock, with a soft cuddly sweater or a softly falling topcoat of the result cuddly and playful from.

Cheat legs with close tights narrow

Whether for sport , for relaxation or for everyday use – shiny leggings are currently extremely “in”. What you should bear in mind however, before wearing them: unfortunately you forgive anything. Every gram of extra weight comes mercilessly revealed.
Can help here a shaping tights create, yet absolutely sure that they are not under the clothes shines forth.

Combine shiny leggings leather jacket

Who it right Emilyleggings, contributes to gloss lace leggings best a simple top and over a leather jacket. This gives the outfit a rock touch and is combined with high heels in the matching color to an eye-catcher.
However, one should on too much jewelry and accessories forego because the outfit otherwise easily overloaded acts.

Combine shiny leggings Long Shirt

Long shirts currently dominate in terms of topsides. They are very convenient, in any clothing store to find and look great. Of course, they are also attached to the shiny leggings – best with

  • ruffles,
  • a deep neckline or
  • pretty embellishments like sequins or beads.

This is combined with matching jewelry – about simple earrings , a narrow chain or a discreet bracelet – and ready is the sexy look with long shirt. To complete the look, you can have a belt put around the waist, so that is feminine silhouette additionally emphasized.

Combine shiny leggings sweater

This look is especially suitable to relax on days off, but also for everyday life: Combine but once a shiny leggings to a soft cuddly sweaters. You will notice that this outfit is very stylish and nice to look at.
The advantage: The outfit is also still very convenient and works with slight curls and a thick scarf and socks playful romantic – missing is a crackling fireplace and softly falling snowflakes.


You see, shiny leggings are combined in many ways and always look good. Why not try one or the other of styling – you dare, you will be impressed.