How to Combine Floral Leggings

The leggings in flower est on gaining followers all over the world and give it a feminine, informal and fun aspect to the winter looks. However, combining – the not always e easy, because their prints of colors can be a difficulty when it comes to knowing you put it on.
At, we offer you some ideas to find out how to combine floral leggings and you can put it with different look sat various times.
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A Casual Look Combined with Basic

If you want to know How to combine floral leggings to create a perfect casual look to stroll through the city or a coffee with friends, try usa with a basic t-shirt for neutral colors: white, black or gray.
They can be accompanied by shoes in camel or, if you want to give a touch more elegant and formal, use it with that needle-heeled shoes you confiereouna “arranged yet informal” excellence.

Combined With the Black

To obtain a more sophisticated apencia with leggings in flower just merge this prorio with dark tones: a black dress, a black also t-shirt or a black blouse. Combine top with boots or shoes black and voce will give an elegant touch to your look.
To break with the dark tone of his look, the better i to choose one of the other color bag: can be colored cream or vivid colors than daron a touch more youthful and fun.

Floral Leggings with Jacket

Who said that the leggings so solo casual clothes? We can combine floral leggings with black blazers style jacket to give a formal and elegant look to your look. The suggestion i of the chosen legging have dark tones to match the jacket.
(E) recomen dovil that the upper part of the garment is colors, like white, gray or candy, so that combined with the color of your clothes. If you want to give a touch of daring and sexy to your look, use heels and colors as romperola sobriety of style without sacrificing the museums.

Floral Leggings with Denim Jacket

Two tend esustancias associated to create an innovative and rebellious look: jackets jeans combined with leggings in flower. This perfect e clothing to show an excellence more rock era and different: combining your look with a t-shirt or black blouse and boots with buckles and the result will be aggressive and sexy. Try it!

The Leggings are Fashionable!

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