How to Combine Corsage? Tips and Tricks for Everyday Life

Want to know how you should combine a corsage? Then you are exactly right here. Find out some tips and tricks how to best combine a corset, so it really looks good and fits perfectly to your outfit.

How corsage combine for the perfect outfit?

So first of all, there are different ways to combine a corsage. Below I go mainly to combinations to Corsgae in the torso, legs and feet, a detail. There is in addition a selection of very beautiful corsages.

Corsets in combination for everyday life

The following combinations with a corsage have been found, if you want to wear a corsage sometimes at work or in his spare time:

  • blouse
  • blazer
  • sweater

Especially when wearing a tight blouse under the corsage and this combined with a blazer, which can look very chic and elegant. Those who want can also put the Blazers in between or leave it out completely. Thus, the corsage is of course much more to advantage.

Combinations for the legs

Also for the legs, there are various options that can be combined together with a corsage. As very good especially the following options have proven to combine a corset:

  • Jeans
  • short skirt
  • Imitation leather pants
  • mini-skirt
  • Pinstripe pants

A light jeans and a black imitation leather pants are my personal favorites. This can look really sexy. For something a bit sexier, which can combine the corsage with a miniskirt. However, that can also advance overshoot the target and get a slight negative touch. Also a pinstripe pants can be combined, for example, with a Corsage + blouse and blazer.

What shoes can be put on the corsage?

Of course, should you also ask what shoes fit for a corsage best. Usually these are actually boots and high heels. But Ballerinas can be worn on a corsage. The following combinations for the feet have been found with a corsage as well:

  • Ballerinas
  • boots
  • Heels / Pumps

I hope I could give you some tips here on how to best combine a corsage. Of course you can run wild and put together your outfit itself to your personal wishes and your imagination itself.
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