How to Choose Wireless Security Camera

Without the CCTV wireless camera
Install a wireless security camera for your home or your business is the perfect way to effectively monitor your property. Wireless cameras are very practical but also  economical, more wireless cameras are easy to install inside and outside. They also help to monitor your home or business in real-time full and therefore to act quickly in case of intrusion or problem facing malicious people.

You should know that your needs, there are two types of wireless surveillance cameras:
-Digital radio camera connected to a receiver, which often includes a recorder on SD card.
-Wifi internet camera connected to a box that lets you view images remotely on a smartphone.
Cisveo offers you wireless CCTV cameras that gives you excellent picture quality with 800 lines. Cisveo wireless cameras come with a 2.4 GHz transmitter for transmitting video and audio files of good quality up to 100 meters. It is also possible to transmit the alarm inputs and outputs.
Cisveo also offers wireless cameras where the power of the transmitter and receiver allows you to install your CCTV camera at 250 meters from the receiver. You can also with some of our wireless cameras,filming at night up to 20 meters and enjoy the benefits of video surveillance by Internet whether on your computer, smartphone or tablet.
Our wireless cameras are easy to install thanks to the lack of wiring, which does not detract from the quality and reliability of the security camera.


Wifi allows to benefit from a wireless Ethernet connection to connect the CCTV camera and the router as the Internet box, for example. The camera, however, must be supplied with electricity unless it is of course a standalone camera, capable of operating without external power.
The network range can expect 100 meters, however, this range can be enhanced by adding a splitter, wireless cameras can be used indoors and outdoors.
The advantage of the wireless camera is that it forces you in any way to install wiring between your router and your CCTV camera so you will not have major work to do but watch in most cases it must not forget that the camera must still be supplied with electricity.
You also get a real advantage because you can view images on your computer, your PC or Mac, tablet or smartphone whether iPhone or Android. You can watch live or recorded, keep them on your server or in the cloud, using associated software.
Additionally remote viewing is essential if you want another security company can access the remote monitoring images.
What forms for a wireless camera
The wireless camera comes in different forms, but for whatever its appearance, it retains all its qualities.
The choice of the form of the camera is a necessary criterion to be taken into account when purchasing a CCTV system. Because according to the installation area and purpose of use of the CCTV camera, some forms are more appropriate than others.
Take the example of a mini-dome camera , this type of camera is small but discreet background very well in your decor in an interior space, its presence will be used primarily to confirm the identity of the person in case ‘offense.
In contrast, a box camera , for example, which is rectangular in shape as we see more in the cities has a much more aggressive design even though this type of camera will also play a preventive and deterrent role outdoors.
Each camera must be chosen according to its value and location.
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