How to Choose Tights

As soon as it’s cold, comes to the sticky. It is true that it seems easier not to linger and put on some pants instead of the question of which choose in front of his locker. And yet, you’re missing the opportunity to feel feminine and well dressed.
Follow the guide from to have a stylish and warm winter!
Ah the tights…:
What to know about basic tights
The opaque black tights are Wardrobe Essentials. They have the ability to shape the legs and so extend the silhouette. They can be worn with everything! Be careful though not to mix with too much black, the result can be “austere”. I recommend in the case of a black dress and black tights, shoes of different color. Or to add over your pantyhose a pair of heavy wool socks grey for example. You can easily fold them on your flat shoe or heel for an effect and the cosiest comfort.
A tip for the cold is to double the opaque black tights to be more warm. And here comes the question that all arise. What size for my tights? Personally, I think not to be the only one in this case, I hate the elastic of the belt to hold me down the sticky, and especially feel compressed in a sticky, so I can only suggest that you take a half or one size and more. This detail makes the difference. Making a size 36/38, I take tights in size M or 40 size. I assure you it changes your life!
In the category of essential tights, we can also add the semi-transparent black sticky. This sticky is a fan of your wardrobe, it fits more in the fall or spring in winter. I advise you to choose this sticky of good quality, and if you want, choose more sophisticated with a seam to l ‘ back. This little retro detail is always its effect!
Color tights
Dare colors pantyhose! The tips are simple to make their effect.
1 / play the tone on tone
If your skirt or dress is color “nude”, hear sweet rose, try to find tights of the same hue. At American Apparel, you’ll find tights in every color. Vary the pleasures in choosing their more or less accentuated opacity. Be sure to choose hot tights for winter, such as those that contain wool for example.
Do especially attention to not “swear” by choosing shoes that do not match. For my example of skirt and sticking “nude”, it is best to stay in the “babies” style shoes or shoes with ends open to the side “baby doll” to stay in the atmosphere of the silhouette. You can also say you fatal woman choosing red heels. On the other hand, avoid wearing black boots that do not correspond to the spirit of this outfit as too strong and too rock spirit, far from the atmosphere we want to create in this outfit.
2 / stay in the shades
If you can’t find exactly the same color, so much the better! Try to choose a sticky that is closest to the color of your dress or skirt. Example, if I’m wearing a coral-colored, brick color tights wearing skirt will be very suitable. It is in fact stay in the Cameo, or color range of your set. Be careful to not get lost in the colors. We are talking shades of the same colour, in my example the base color is red, because varied from brick red to coral.
If you add a third neutral color like black or Brown, the effect will be just as successful. Try not to exceed three colors, and take your top color with the color of your boots for example.
The “color block” trend encountered often in recent seasons already is easy to apply to the pantyhose. In “color block”, hear blocks of colors, you can contradict the colours to each other while ensuring not to exceed three shades. A good example of color block would be the following: on my tireless black dress, I can wear an electric blue leotard and add a pair of black boots.
This mixture is not difficult, and in my opinion only obeys one very simple rule. If your dress is dark (as in my example), stay on dark colors, like the electric blue, emerald green, or yellow mustard very trend lately. If you are wearing a dress, nude, bet on a clear sticker like the beige color. It is once more a story of shades!
A word on the fancy tights
For opportunities, or every day, do not deprive yourself of pretty pantyhose fantasy! Men appreciate (if, I assure you!) and they bring this personal touch to an outfit simple. Go for a ride with Chantal Thomas for you offer the pair of fancy your wardrobe, or for smaller budgets take a ride on my Anglo-Saxon sites of online sales fetish. You’ll find dozens of models all pretty one than others, attention however do not make bad choices, because some may be “trash” or in bad taste. I advise to focus first on one or two pairs of basic black fantasies. Lace is an inevitable, choose either a model lace simple, or a little more vintage with for example a model to peas.
Then choose a model either effect trompe l’oeil, or glitter. Glitter models are always their effect for the years holiday and bring this festive side always as successful. I would go for a black model with small twinkling glitter gold found at American Apparel. The goal is not competition to your Christmas tree, then choose a model to sparkling effect, glitter should be barely visible to stay chic!
What are the tights to avoid?
The tights so-called ‘transparent’ to “bronze” or “peach skin” effect are to be avoided! They are not so transparent that because they see themselves, and don’t you highlight any. The ‘bronze effect’ weigh down your silhouette and betray a bad Tan as the rest of your body is just not tanned. I recommend putting a transparent black pantyhose as we saw at the beginning of article or then a sticky pink transparent to those who dare side doll. If time permits, skip the pantyhose box and let your legs and your skin take air!
Do not obsessing on your legs and tell you that tasks or minor flaws that you see are not visible to others. Apply a moisturizing oil, to effect glittering if you want, like the magic of Nuxe prodigious oil and let your legs in the air, they him give you well!