How to Choose the Right Handbag?

What shape handbags will be most befitting your character?
When selecting handbags do not take the main criterion fashion trends. Your purse speaks mostly about you, and should therefore always perfectly complement your figure, so to stand out your personality. The handbag is the final icing on the cake of your image, and so she would have to underline it should show who you are and what style is yours!

In the event that you are “slim gazelle” will suit you the handbags all you tvarů. Pokud but smaller and fuller shape, then choose the type of handbag resembling a bottle. Very small handbags are women’s fuller shape suitable at all. Fortunately trends of our times dictate to wear more “bits”.
These larger bags, handbags should never overlap the hip, then it unnecessarily expands your silhouette. If it is possible to shorten the length so that the bag ended up in the waist and hips and then under.
What color handbag should I choose?
If you like to dress up in blue, orange or green, have a happy cheerful colors and styles, handbag of the same or similar shade will certainly be a great addition. Not valid but that it must have exactly the same tone, contrary shades of one color are in demand! Every season has also his favorite color. In the spring green is popular, while the autumn colors are red and orange, burgundy and brown. During the winter the queen color white, all shades of blue. Black or brown color handbag is a classic that fits for every garment, and he would certainly have had at least one home in my closet. Increasingly popular and shift to the classics is also the color NUDE- body color, which really spoil any outfit.
What about you disclose your handbag?
You’d be surprised, but really! Not only your behavior says what you are. An important feature of your character is your style of dress and choice of accessories. So please do not underestimate the selection of handbags.
Wearing styles of handbags and purses type:
In the Handbagpicks – handbags, which have small ears, but they are so small that they fit tightly under the armpits characterized by sophisticated and well-educated woman. Typical for managers or women in senior positions. Bulky, large handbags are typical for young women or moms. They are typical for women who like to wear a lot of things together eg. Books, or small purchase and need in a purse a lot of space. This type of bags used particularly practical women. Handbags with large buckles, tassels and plenty of pockets represent unbridled woman. These women are quick decisions and are able to exploit the situation. Excessive pockets and tassels at the purse can sometimes have a negative effect.
Colors handbags:
Cheerful colors handbags like pink, purple, blue or green is worn mostly by women who are cheerful, friendly and like fun. Particularly women, who like the company and is not afraid to communicate with strangers, will prefer this type of handbags. Brown and black color handbags are typically reserved especially for women, which sometimes can cause a very closed, but this may not always be true. These colors handbags can describe a woman who is at the beginning a little bit shy, but after a few minutes, open and very friendly. The types and colors handbags on their wearers a lot denounce, so always choose carefully and remember that you can always choose more than one style handbags. Because one day you can feel like a reserved and shy woman, while the second day as the untamed beauty. It is quite natural to want a diverse things in your life, so why not start right handbag.
So hurray for the purchase, I believe that our site really choose that his right to underline your image and character as well as I believe it to us soon return for another bite!