How to Choose the Right Backpack for Travel

If we did the percentage of travelers with a bag hung on their backs in airports around the world, it may be beyond the 50%. It’s just normal, the backpack has always been a certain idea of practicality, carefree, youth… Despite the meteoric rise of the very stylishsoft shell cases or rigid-hull with very clean lines, the backpack remains the darling of travellers. Especially among the young.
And then, when we look at travelers, one realizes that the backpack is probably still the indispensable accessory of all travelers, teenagers, those who travel very frequently and those who travel always full luggage. What we do sometimes or very often…

The criteria for choosing his backpack:

Its lightness, and extensibility

According to My luggage cabin, with its low weight, the backpack is a must for those who want to glean kilos for luggage and more. As if the weight of a hard shell suitcase between 1.5 kg and 4 kg, the cabin size backpack is barely 350 grams. This will for example give you a good excuse to make a few purchases of items which can be bulky or too heavy in a suitcase to flexible or rigid hull but who are not in a format cabin bag.
Items such as books, toys and gifts that often take the place in our business and we require to put a third suitcase in the hold.

Its cab format

Besides, for a first purchase, the cabin size backpack will surely be the most recommended article, you can also browse the comparative of MBC cabin suitcase to learn more about the different models of hand luggage. He still is more especially for sports trips or trips requiring physical effort because you can take your business in the same bag, neither too big nor too small. And this starts perhaps in airports where you will visit the duty-free shops and cafes until boarding.
Robust and elegant, the cabin size backpack offers especially comfort with his pads on the shoulder straps and back. These straps for some bags, may even be non-slip and adjustable for even more comfort. Backpack size cabin in any case can have several features functional, or so a bit more simplified or on the contrary, be included in the series ultra-equipee with options as the wheels or trolley. In other words, there are for all tastes and requirements.
Cheap backpack has recently found its way into the aircraft cabin. Indeed, more practical and less bulky backpack now comes to seduce to air travel. In addition, its price is much cheaper than a cabin suitcase.
However, to choose the perfect backpack, you will need to find one that adapts to the shape of your back, and types of travel you want to do. Thus, you can enjoy maximum comfort during your travels!

Its variety of colors and material

Colors, they can also be a deciding factor for purchase as all cabin size luggage, backpack is certainly the easiest to transform and customize and is also in the backpacks that the colors are the most varied. As much as materials like fabric, polyester or nylon manufacturing. These materials, tough enough of course offer a guarantee of robustness but let’s face it, they are not as strong as a suitcase to rigid hull for example. But each bag its small and its less.
For the backpack size cabin, its more will be especially its price!But that’s not all! Its weight, which is barely 350 grams is also a nice sales pitch! And there is also of course, the wide choice of colours! A third winner for this background that chances of long enthroned on sales of travel size cabin bags or at least who will remain at the elbow to elbow with the suitcases to flexible or rigid shells!

The top 3 of the best backpacks

Eastpak Padded backpack

Strong and elegant, The Eastpak backpack leisure black 24 L also provides comfort to not feel the kilometres at an airport before sliding it into the luggage compartment. With its padded back, its thick straps they also padded, non-slip and adjustable, theEastpak backpack is devoid of wheels.This is a significant advantage since it would be redundant and would add to the weight of the bag that can be worn in the down position or on the shoulders.
With a volume of 24 litres and a weight of only 350 grams, this nylon bag has a height of 40 cm, 30 x 18 cm. In terms of its characteristics, the Eastpak has a top handle, a large central compartment zipped, a front zippered pocket for travel accessorieslike a small cushion for plane or a travel kit special plane to bring you more comfort; as well as reflective zipper zippers protected against moisture. Backpack cabin poster, to finish, a very value, its price within a range of 39 to 50 euros.

Cabin Max Barcelona backpack

Backpack meets the dimensions restrictive flight in low cost as on Easyjet for example, the Cabin Max Barcelona 50 x 40 x 20 cm is appreciated for its lightness that contrasts with its robustness.Only 29.99 euros, it’s a bag that may very well meet the needs of young travellers who travel frequently by air.
With straps that protect your business of an accidental opening of your baggage. Devoid of wheels, the bag is without difficulty on the shoulders well and can live with. However, for more choices, Eastpak has also designed bags with trolley and wheels. At a slightly higher price.

Cross Trip 2 Delsey bag

Here is a product for those who hesitate between soft travel bag or suitcase rigid: with his Cross Trip 2 travel bag, Delsey is challenged to bring to market an item that can be worn as you want: height, back, shoulders, by hand. Polyester, the travel size cabin bag 55 cm and meets the restrictive requirements of the dimensions of the luggage of some airlines. Its price: substantially less of 100 euros!
The Delsey bag has a zip Securitech, TSA combination padlock and the international guarantee 5 years Delsey