How To Choose The Ideal Swimwear?

Sexy, comfortable and fashionable! These are the three pillars that all girls take into account before buying a swimsuit.
Here we leave some tips for you to choose the model that best goes with your figure and highlight your attributes.
This summer 2016, make the most of your curves! The key is to choose a swimsuit that suits you, helping you to highlight the best of your figure as described in
Curvy. Also known as”hourglass”, this type of body is characterized by having wide and pronounced hips, a defined waist and a generous bust. If you are a”curvy girl, go for a two piece swimsuit. Yes, the bikini will be a great ally to radiate sensuality wherever you go and we recommend that, to take a dip in the sea or in the pool, choose to wear a top with a good bra on top, because it will give you a good Support and the assurance that “everything will stay in its place”.
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Apple. Low waist and a pronounced abdomen: these characteristics define the body ” apple type”. In this case, more than a bikini, the most convenient for you will be a tankini, an alternative that will help you “keep everything in place”. But if you want to wear a one piece swimsuit, your best option will be those designs with integrated belts that conceal the abdomen and wrap around the body.
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Flat If your hips and shoulders are aligned, you have little waist, in addition to a small bust and booty, do not get complicated: opt for a bikini with a printed top to give volume to your chest and, for the bottom, choose a piece That is tied to the sides, super sexy! If you prefer to wear a one piece swimsuit, we suggest you choose a model that has details on the waist: girdles, brooches or contrasting colors. And remember: the cut must go to the hip to give curves to your figure.
Athletic. Narrow hip with a wider back and thighs? Then your build is athletic. If you want to wear a bikini, we recommend wearing a top with textures and cuts that allow you to create a feeling of volume. For the bottom, the ideal is to choose a garment with “Brazilian cut” under the hip.
For lovers of one-piece suits, you should definitely not miss a swimsuit with crossed back or those of a single shoulder. This kind of cuts make your figure appear to the maximum.
Tell us: on what beaches do you plan to vacation this summer?