How to Choose the Ideal Baby Handbag

Fabric, shape, durability and internal space must be observed prior to purchase

How to Choose the Ideal Baby Handbag

The choice of the baby’s walking bag is very important since after the child’s birth the bag will accompany, for a long period, all exits of the mother and the baby.
Whether it is for a birthday party, a trip to the doctor, a visit to the grandparents’ house or a short walk, the bag is a mandatory item on the way out with the baby so it is important that it is practical, organized and functional.
In order to make the walks more tranquil and enjoyable it is essential that the bag has some facilities with respect to the fabric, shape, durability, and internal space.
Check out some tips to choose the ideal bag and know what you can not forget to carry inside allpubliclibraries.

Pay attention to the fabric used to make the bag

An important item to note is the quality of the fabric used in the manufacture of the baby bag. It should be good quality, sturdy, lightweight and easy to clean:

  • Light fabrics:The luggage you will carry in the bag will be big and heavy, so you prefer lightweight fabric models.
  • Sturdy material: Although lightweight the material must be sturdy, after all you will use the bag very often for at least two years!Check that the seams are reinforced.
  • Easy to clean:Make sure the model is easy to wash or clean.Prefer waterproof fabrics.Avoid very light colors and bags made from cotton, as they soak easily.

Pocket size and number of partitions are important factors

Prefer medium sized bags with a good amount of dividers.They will make it easier to find the most common products. Choose a model that has a thermal space for food and beverages.

  • Inside space: choose a model that has a large internal space and that fits a lot, after all, the list is great!(See list in the last topic of the article)
  • Smaller compartments: It is important that the pouch has smaller compartments where you can place items that are used more often.This will prevent you from “missing” the objects in the main compartment.In these smaller spaces you can store items such as: baby bottles, pacifiers, baby food, alcohol gel, medicines, diaper, moist handkerchief, rinse ointment.

Smaller compartments are also important so that you can separate food from a piece of laundry, for example.

  • Thermal compartment: opt for models that have a thermal compartment to keep your baby feeding at a safe temperature.In addition to conserving cold foods like fruits and juices, this space serves as a greenhouse for heated foods such as lunch or dinner snacks for example.

Strap options: how to choose?

The shape and size of the handles are another important item in the choice of handbag.Optional handles: prefer models that have wide handles and with more than one use option, such as: long, to use transverse;Short, to wear over one shoulder only and with adjustable straps that fit the cart.

Which models should be avoided?

Heavy duty models, which are very fragile or difficult to wash, with few compartments, without optional handles and without a thermal compartment are not the best options.

What Mom can not forget to carry in the baby’s bag

If you do not want to get back early from the ride some items are essential in the baby’s purse.The amount will depend on the time you will be away from home, but it is important not to forget the main items below:

  • Portable changer;
  • Blanket;
  • Change clothes;
  • Water;
  • Cloth diaper;
  • Disposable diapers;
  • Wet wipe;
  • Ointment for rash;
  • Baby bottle;
  • Pacifier;
  • Toy.