How to Choose the Best Sunglasses

The sunglasses are definitely one of the most essential accessories of the summer.
But how to make a wise choice? Here’s what to consider when shopping for your next model sunglasses!

Face shape
The shape of your face has a great influence on the look of glasses once on you. And it is not so easy to find the perfect model! It is best to try several sunglasses and rely on these recommendations from
There are basically four face shapes: round, square, heart and oval.
Round face: The widest point of this face is at the cheekbones with a narrower width at the front. What we seek with this type of face, these are glasses that “break” this round, which create a contrast.
Square face: It’s a face with a defined jaw and a lot of the same width forehead. It prioritizes here glasses that soften the edges, or who have no part.
Heart face: This face shape is characterized by a broader front than the jaw and a defined chin. There we go with glasses who take these proportions, that is to say, wider at the top.
Oval face: This face is longer than it is wide. In the proportions of our face, we can go with any type of glasses!
Eyeglass styles
Most of the glasses on the market are variations of the following classic forms (Psst!: Also offers a sample template for each style!):

  1. Pilot

First worn by drivers and police, glasses “Aviator” are now popular with (almost) everyone. shaped lenses drops polarized and discrete branches of metal; nothing fancy, but it works!
Price: $ 39.99 on

  1. Shield

Perfectly suited to sports, this profiled model offers one wide lens, which covers more than most other models.

  1. Square

A classic form that is suitable for round faces, oval and heart.
Prix : 20,59$ chez American Eagle Outfitters

  1. Clubmaster

These glasses have a recognizable shape with their horses only in the top part. This model both retro and chic suits almost every face.
Price: $ 19.99 on

  1. Butterfly

We call these glasses as well because they remind the eyes of an insect. They are often larger than many other models and allow to hide much of the face.
Prix: 7,90$ chez Forever 21

  1. Round

With their hippie look, round glasses instantly give an original look to the wearer. They are particularly suitable for square faces.
Price: $ 12.50 at H & M

  1. Cat Eye

Retro and glam at will, the “cat’s eye” glasses are perfect for more angular faces.
Prix: 7,90$ chez Forever 21

  1. Wayfarer

This is THE timeless retro-classical model. Popularized by the Ray-Ban brand, Wayfarer glasses are suitable for almost every face and are often unisex.
Price: $ 8.50 at Ardene
UV strength
We sometimes forget, but we do not wear sunglasses for their nice style, but also (and especially) because they protect our eyes!
It is important to choose sunglasses that offer protection from ultraviolet (UV) 100%. There are 2 types of UV rays that need attention: UVA and UVB. Glasses that provide equal protection against both is ideal.
UVA rays are more prevalent and present all year, but they are less intense.
UVB rays are not present in such large numbers, but are much more intense and dangerous, both for the skin or eyes. They are more to watch between 10h and 16h summer.
If you normally wear glasses, it is worthwhile to invest in quality sunglasses in which you can incorporate prescription glasses.
That said, these are not all types of glasses that offer this option (it is usually more difficult for sports goggles), then it must be well informed before purchasing.
For Sport
If you exercise in the sun, especially during the summer, you need adequate sunglasses. a pattern here will be sought which holds well on the face despite the movements and sweat, which is not fog, which offers a full UVA / UVB protection and also protects the side of the eyes.
This is why the models profiles shield style are the most popular.