How to Choose the Best RAM Memory For the Computer?

In the world of computing, it is very common for top-of-the-line computers, in a short time, to become obsolete due to the constant release of new hardware.The same principle applies to games, which are increasingly asking for PCs with powerful features – often more powerful than the machine in your home.
To try to get around some problems of the constant loss of performance of the current machines, one of the easiest and cheapest solutions is the purchase of more RAM for the computer.In this way, it is possible to make it faster without having to make a big change.
However, the task of adding more memory to your system should be done with caution so that there is a real gain in performance.Attention!Before proceeding, you can take a look at the act-test-centers for “What is RAM?” And understand why this component is so important to your machine.

What is the best configuration for my machine?

Nowadays, it is incredible the amount of tasks that can be done through the computer, each of which needs a specific portion of RAM. Therefore, we classify three types of profiles: home PCs, for work and for hardcore gamers.

Home PCs

Home PCs are meant for computer users who often visit Facebook, YouTube, do homework, read emails, and so on.Typically, these tasks do not require a large amount of RAM installed in the system.This is due to the fact that this type of machine is not meant to run heavy applications, at most an Office , a browser ( Firefox,Internet Explorer , Google Chrome) with features like Flash or a current multimedia player (iTunes,Windows Media Player).
For Windows 7, 2 GB of RAM is enough to run most of the basic software.Those who still use Windows XP, or have Linux as their preferred platform do not need to invest in more than 1GB of RAM.

PCs for work

The desired configuration for this type of computer depends heavily on the installed applications.However, a working PC typically has programs such as office suites (Microsoft Office,LibreOffice), Image editors (Photoshop, Gimp), video editors, commercial applications, among others.In a machine like this, it is necessary to ensure that these softwares will perform well, without problems like locking.
As previously mentioned, the amount of RAM recommended varies depending on the applications used, but in general, around 4 GB of RAM is enough for most of today’s operating systems.In some cases, like in video editing, it is recommended to use at least 8 GB of RAM, while the ideal would be to invest in 16 GB or more of memory.

PCs for Games

While the graphical evolution of PC games has slowed down a bit in recent years, you still need to invest in powerful equipment to run the latest games.In addition to a good video card and a powerful processor, it is indispensable to have a considerable amount of RAM – currently, 6 GB is a considerable basic value suitable, although in this case, it is advisable to invest in as much as possible.

A new level of performance

Buying additional memory is recommended for PCs that are not yet completely obsolete and may have much of your hardware reused.However, for machines whose resources are outdated in general, the best solution is to buy a new computer.
Adding More Memory
When you add more memory to your computer, you need to be aware of some important factors.The first one is the knowledge of RAM model that the motherboard of your PC uses, as it is only possible to buy a memory comb that follows the same specification.Otherwise, it is very likely that the new comb will not fit on the motherboard or will not work.For example, a DDR3 memory will not work on a machine that only supports DDR2.
It is also not recommended to mix memories of different brands and frequencies, and a motherboard with a distinct comb can function in an irregular way, reducing the performance of the system.So just try combining same model and manufacturer combs on your machine.
The above tips are useful for users for all computer profiles.However, in the case of hardcore gamers, before replacing memory, a thorough evaluation of the machine is required to determine if adding RAM will actually deliver the expected effect.There are uncommon cases where dedicated playersAre forced to buy a new PC to run the newest games on the market.If it is possible to only buy memory, the use of well-known brand combs is strongly recommended.

Discovering the hardware present on your machine

To find out the hardware present on your machine, you need to look for them directly in the Windows settings or use specific programs to perform these tasks.Check out the article “What is the configuration of your computer?”For more details on the subject.

Types of RAM

The format is one of the most important characteristics of a RAM, and there is a specific motherboard per manufacturer for each one.In other words, a computer accepts only one model per card.There are several types of memories, however, the best known are DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4:

  • DDR: was standard up to a few years ago, and is no longer adopted on new PCs.However, many older machines still use this type of memory.If you find a PC that still uses this type of memory, your purchase is not recommended.
  • DDR2: This model supports the “Dual Channel” feature, which allows two identical combs installed in the machine to achieve a performance gain of up to 25%.Although it is becoming increasingly rare, it is still possible to find it on computers with more modest configurations.
  • DDR3: current standard followed by the industry, DDR 3 memory is already widespread and undergo a steady fall in prices.
  • DDR4: Currently in the testing phase, the standard has not yet begun to be widely diffused among manufacturers.It is expected that the large-scale adoption of the technology will begin in the first half of this year.


The frequency of a memory, measured in MHz, determines its maximum data transfer rate to the processor. In other words, the higher the frequency, the higher the performance. For best performance, it is always recommended to have memory combs that work at the maximum allowable frequency of any format.
The module of a memory is a way of uniquely identifying a format and a frequency, through a label, also indicating its maximum transfer speed.The table below shows how the module determines its attributes:
* In the table above, the frequencies are already multiplied by the number of cycles.For example, a PC3200 memory works with the clock of 200 MHZ, however, in practice its speed is 200 MHZ x2 = 400 MHZ.

Brand and manufacturer

The memory brand is synonymous with quality and durability, as the more reputable the manufacturer, the greater the guarantee that the hardware purchased will work with better performance.Basically, it is possible to divide them into two large groups: known and generic brands.
Among the main companies that manufacture memory, we can mention Samsung, Kingston and Corsair, each of which has its own characteristics.Usually, they tend to be of good quality and are recommended for PCs that require a lot of performance, such as gaming machines.
Generic RAM memories are cheaper compared to the originals, however, they are of doubtful origin and can compromise the PC’s overall performance.Therefore, it is only possible to recommend them for computers with more modest hardware, only for browsing the internet or composition of school work.
There are small differences between brand memories, the main ones being:

  • Corsair: among the brand memories, it is the one with the highest price and most features.For some processors, such as those manufactured by Intel, Corsair develops specialized combs to further improve transfer rates.This brand is mainly recommended for hardcore gamers, who need maximum performance on their machines.
  • Samsung: memory that has a good cost/benefit ratio, because it also works efficiently.Its main use is recommended for working PCs, which require good hardware.
  • Kingston: One of the best known brands by Brazilians, it has a line aimed at the gaming market known as HyperX.Well established among the information technology market, the company offers a lifetime guarantee for its products and has a well-established support system in our country.

Where to buy RAM?

The purchase of a memory is directly linked to your model and manufacturer.For example, Kingston and generic brands are very easy to find in any online store or online sales site.In that case, search engines such as Google and Bing are your best allies when comparing prices or checking the reliability and performance of a given piece of hardware.
However, Corsair combs are already harder to find in stores here in Brazil, however, they can be ordered from specialized computer sites or purchased overseas.This phenomenon happens in our country due to the fact that sales of RAM in general are concentrated in generic brands, mainly due to their more affordable prices.