How To Choose The Best Baby Carriage

How to choose the best baby stroller.

How To Choose The Best Baby Carriage

Three-wheeled baby strollers have everything. But the traditional four-wheel models show up every day with more news.
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At the time of purchase, there are numerous options for baby strollers: traditional, three-wheeled, basic – known as umbrella, for practicality – for siblings and even to push the baby while doing co-operation.
If you are in doubt about choosing the best option, check out the tips below:

Practicality is the most important

The most important item when choosing the stroller is to check if it is practical for your everyday life. ” Before you decide, you need to know if it fits in the trunk of the car.It’s practical to take on a trip.Easy close, with one hand.It fits where you pass, or is so giant that it does not pass through the door, Or a corridor? “, Asks the pediatrician of the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein Milena de Paulis.In short, the principle of everything at the time of purchase is practicality.So, walk in the store with the cart, open, close, have the size of your trunk in hand to know if it fits in the car, and feel comfortable with the control, since each model has controllers with different textures .

Brakes, latches and metal parts: check the safety items

Seatbelt is a must have item in baby strollers ranked by collegesanduniversitiesinusa. Pay attention to the handling of the tool since not all belts are easy to handle. Brakes on the rear wheel and latches on the front swivel wheels are ideal, while the shoulder protectors make the baby more comfortable. Do not forget to check if the hood has protection against the sun’s rays, since it is not enough to be a fabric to protect the baby’s skin from the sun. Metal parts, when exposed and in contact with the sun, can cause skin burns .

According to the baby’s age

Babies up to three months of age get enough sleep and need a comfortable stroller, preferably with three or more adjustable positions. ” The newborn needs a chair that reclines almost 180º because he can not sit, ” says Milena de Paulis. From that age, strollers can be part of the baby’s daily routine. Called umbrella strollers, they are smaller, more practical and lighter, but they do not have many options for comfort and handling. ” They are very good for traveling, but for day-to-day life, it depends on the family’s rhythm of life. Normally, they are narrow and uncomfortable, ” explains the pediatrician .The trolleys with three types of stroller are the most complete, since they have the bassinet (for newborns), baby comfort (used up to about 1 year), and the normal base, for children up to 3 Usually.

Three-wheeled cart, or for cooper

The three-wheeled carts were intended for parents who do jogging or hiking pushing their babies. The wheels are wider, reducing impact, and have brake on the control handle. With success, adaptations to everyday use made the model a hit. ” To run with the baby, it has to be more than 6 months, not forgetting to check that the belt is buckled, ” says Milena.

Carts for twins and siblings

Not only in sibling strollers, but in all models, it is important to check if there is room at the base that allows you to place bags and other accessories with easy access so you do not wake the baby if you need something stored and your child is sleeping. “You have to have a bigger car, check the size of the trunk and see if it fits in. It’s an interesting proposition, but it may not be practical if it’s not strictly necessary,” she says. pediatrician. It is worth remembering that the models where the two babies are joined by the side take up more space than the train layout: before deciding, observe the paths where you usually walk, not to pass any tightness .

Use cart is old?

At what age can the child ride on the stroller? There are no rules and every mother knows her baby better. “In Brazil, most of the strollers are for children up to the age of 3. On longer and tiring trips, such as in the mall, it is indicated, since the child has to sleep, eat, but on shorter rides, Years, there is no need , “says Milena.