How to Choose Swimwear That Best Suits You

The arrival of the good weather makes us think only of one thing: summer. Touch remove cabinet bikinis and swimsuits and start thinking what new garments are going to buy this year. But, do you know how to choose the model that best suits you?
Summer is around the corner and, as every year, offering bikinis for this season is almost infinite: there are any color, all models, which hold more or that cover less. The one-piece swimwear as described in follow fashion, and this summer can also be found in all styles and thousands of colors and shapes. So much variety can be overwhelming and sometimes we do not know how to choose: do you think to make it according to how is your body? Can you choose the bikini or swimsuit that best suits you? If you don’t have clear, Le Bratelier gives us a few tips to find out how highlight your strong points and to find the best style for this summer.
Bikini or swimsuit that best suits you is what makes you feel good. This may seem a redundancy, but is a reality: it is important to set aside the complexes and you realize that, if clothing makes you feel you’re beautiful, safe, or special, it. Even if the garment is not the most appropriate for your figure.
However, there are some tricks to highlight your strengths. If you know your body well, you can use these tricks to decide what kind of bathing suit or bikini is that best suits you. Do you have much or little chest? How is your back? do you have marked waist? are your hips wide? Take advantage of what they see in the mirror and try to empower you with your bathroom items.

Issue of chest

The chest is one of the parts of your body that stands out in the summer, either in a bikini or swimsuit. If you have little chest and I want to highlight, searching for bikinis and bathing suits cleavage heart and halter that enhance it. The thin strap you sit well, and foam cups (fixed or remove and replace) may be of great help.
If you have much breast and prefer to disguise it, discards the triangle bikinis or those who do not have straps. Search top parts that are bra type: outline and stroke width for a good grip, hoops, broad or adjustable glasses. Try also with swimsuits integers that have ring or reinforcement under the chest. Try to avoid light colours in smooth.

With or without waist

If you are one of those that you don’t have the waist very strong but rather straight, test with two parts with frills or adornments both at the top and in the bottom: thus highlights the hip and waist is stylized. If in addition to waist you have a little gut that you want to hide, try with high waist panties or the one-piece swimsuits that stylize the figure, if possible at all smooth and dark. If on the contrary you have a marked waistline, take advantage of it: to the WaSP waists you feel well any bikini or costume in plain and printed colors. Here are some options that are trend in swimwear.