How to Choose Sports Sunglasses

Why protect your eyes in the mountains?
At altitude, the atmospheric layer is thinner and therefore less UV filter. Their intensity increases about 10% every 1000 meters. In addition, snow reflects 40% to 90% of sunlight.
It is therefore important to wear sunglasses that will protect you from extreme sunlight conditions. Choose first glasses that filter the rays of the sun, our sunglasses are all 100% UV protection.

How To Choose Your Category Of Lenses: The Key To Not Be Dazzled!
In summer and winter, because of the altitude and reverb can be very dazzled in the mountains. The choice of the category of your glasses (and color) is done according to the intensity of the sun and place for your sport: altitude or high altitude.
In general, we recommend sunglasses category 3. Composed of a gray tint or brown which restores the natural color vision, these glasses are designed for sport in bright plain or medium altitude.
At an extreme high altitude sunshine, we recommend vintage sunglasses with lenses category 4. Their brown hue increases contrasts and you avoids glare.
The Need sunglasses for sports in the mountains:
The coverage :  To protect you better from the sun and upper wind, snow and projections, it is advisable to wear sunglasses that have a curved shape to coat your eyes, such as sunglasses AZUMA ORAO used by the staff of the Serre Chevalier resort.
The maintenance: For a perfect fit on the face, it is ideal to choose sunglasses composed of inserts of flexible materials on the nose and the tips of branches.
Resistance: If you want sunglasses made of glass resistant to impacts, choose polycarbonate lenses.
The entire staff of the resort Serre Chevalier Vallée is equipped with solar lunnettes ORAO.