How to Choose Right Tights

Here we Have Gathered All Our Knowledge And Tips And Tricks When it Comes to Tights And Socks.

WHAT TIGHTS should I choose?
…To the party? Then we suggest pantyhose in the 10-12, in black if you wear black, otherwise light or colored.
…The black dress or skirt? Then fits most; color, patterned or black. Select thickness for the opportunity.

…Clothing with bright colors? Do you wear red, green, turquoise and marine choose advantageously a pair of bright tights that highlights the clothing color.Avoid black and tanned pantyhose.
…To work? 20-40 it nicely on the job. And the same applies here; black tights is neat to black, to choose strong colors or bright colored tights.
…To the funeral? It ​​works well with a pair of opaque black tights in 40 den.
…To the wedding? Then go finest festive socks on, ie 10-12 it. Light or shade as the dress.
…For shoes with open toes? Choose a pair of pantyhose without toe reinforcement.
K second butts-goes as the name suggests, to the knees. Suitable for short pants and long skirts.
S Tep or ankle socks-low socks. Steps are perfect in the summer dainty shoes because they are not visible.
S tay-ups-pantyhose which ends at the thigh and remains there, by means of a silicone stripe on the top of the inside of the sock.
S trump pants-full-length socks to pants. Also available with reinforced toe, heel and crotch for extra durability.
S trump pants with control top-shaping the figure and hold the stomach, hips and buttocks. Can reduce your waist size by 1-2 sizes depending on the hardness.One tights with higher denier hold more than one with a lower denier. Do you think it feels awkward with panties and tights with control top outside? Since most tights have gusset cotton so you can actually ignore the panties.
S tödstrumpor-gives good support for the feet and legs. Support stockings are divided into four categories based on how much support they provide:
Light support (the 20-40). For those who walk and stand a lot in your life.
Medium hard support (the 40-70). If you travel a lot or easy swollen legs.
Hard support (over 70 it). Provide a rigid support to relieve the bone easily accumulate liquid or showing the first signs of poor circulation. Not available Twilfit range of tillfället.Vårdstrumpa (over 200 on). For those who have varicose veins or surgery itself. These socks are so strong that only pharmacies and hospitals sell them.
Support sock is also available in the form of leggings.