How to Choose Right Ring

What’s better than a beautiful ring to enhance a manucuree hand?
Besides, it is no coincidence if the rings are part of jewelry most often worn by women. But in the face of the multiplicity of models, it is not always easy to make the right choice.

Based on the morphology of handmade rings

It’s a fact: some rings are better for some women than others! If a large model can very quickly give a boudiné to a small hand, he can, on the contrary, sublimate long and thin fingers. Because Yes, there are also rules to follow in terms of morphology of the hand to choose her jewelry ! For short fingers, rrrjewelry would recommend  to the fine rings in rectangular shapes which flatter the hand. The thicker fingers will require, instead, prefer jewelry more stands that will reduce the width of the finger print.Loners are to be avoided in this case. Of course, the ring must be the right size and relatively easy to remove.

Rings depending on the occasion

Rhinestones and glitter do not mix well with the office! In the professional setting, it is recommended to play the card of sobriety and discretion, which does not prevent you to femininity! Many models of jewelry can highlight your hand without ostentation. A small fine ring will be the most beautiful effect, for example! For a night, you can still give free rein to your desires, as long as it is done in agreement with your clothing style. To avoid the faults of taste, it is best to outlaw jewelrybracelets, rings and necklaces that might weigh down your outfit and give you a little side too decorated Christmas tree. And then there is the very special case of the wedding ring. But if this ring you wear your whole life when you will be passed by the Mayor with your dear and tender. Here again, the choice is crucial, and models are very many!

Depending on the style rings

In the face of the multitude of models of rings available in jewelry stores, you’re certainly the choice will be easier. Think again! In addition to morphological and circumstantial to consider parameters, you also need to give your choice with your style! Not question the choice of the ring that will adorn your hand ruin all your efforts clothing. So be careful not to overdo! Should not be your gem focuses the attention of everyone or, on the contrary, it gets bogged down in total indifference. The balance remains the golden rule of matter! Shapes, materials, colors, play! If the connectors colors can bring an additional mode button, they can also destroy your look when they are too visible. A red ring with a red belt, it’s not! However, a red ring Recalling patterns of the same colour in your dress, it is Yes! It’s a matter of dosage…