How to Choose Right Leggings

Extend Life Strumpornas

Compression leggings are losing some of its emergency power after a few uses, but rinse them in the sink with a little washing-up liquid after use so they regain their elasticity.
When using stay-ups, it is important not to use moisturizer just where silicone bands sit-or else lose silicone bands bracket and the sock from sliding down!

Avoid meshes:
Stretch always put the leggings in length before you put on it, it prolongs the sock and makes it easier to put on. On pantyhose with reinforced panty section (girdle) you can stretch that part also in width.
When you put on a leggings , collect the whole strumpbenet right down to the toe in the hands and pull it up to the knee. Do the same with the other leg. Then work up sock, piece by piece up to the trousers.
Take care of your feet and hands! Dry and cracked skin is easy devastating for thin pantyhose. Try to file your feet regularly and lubricate them often. Do you have cracks on your hands, you can use a pair of thin gloves when you put on socks.
Make sure you have the right size! Usually the same size pantyhose as you have in your pants (with the exception of very long legs). For tight pantyhose fail more often than those in the right size. Remember that sizes can vary between brands and even between models. Please ask us for help or take a couple of rather greater if you have any doubts.

Materials in Our Socks And Tights

Nylon and silk-stockings Gives a finer and more festive impression. Caliper is measured in denier (it) which is a measure of the weight of the wire. The higher the denier, the thicker and more durable socks, and vice versa. Really thin and sheer tights are 10-15 denier while the normal thin is in 20 denier and translucent located at 30-40 denier. Will the 60 denier counts as opaque or opaque tights.
Cotton and cotton blends-A more mundane and more durable alternative to nylon stocking trousers. Available in different thicknesses. The thicker fits well when it’s chilly outside and the very thinnest works well for festive occasions. If you want to avoid knee on tights may be smart to choose stockings made ​​of cotton or synthetic mixture instead of pure cotton.
Wool and wool blends -Wool is a pleasant natural material that is breathable and regulates body temperature. Wool is a great fit in the winter as they keep your feet and legs dry and warm.