How to Choose Right Handbag

The handbag is an essential fashion accessory for women. Although men do not understand the craze that women to handbags, they admire each piece they encounter, and will do everything to find THE perfect bag. Between you and me, they know very well that there is not one that will excite their hearts. But that men do not realize it.

How to choose a bag?
Whether it’s a classic handbag or a designer bag , it is obvious that you must choose the best one that will accompany you every day. On seeing your handbag will tell others exactly who you are. It is a reflection of your personality, your tastes and your lifestyle. You do not have to make missteps, this choice must be made in the best conditions and you must not miss anything. But then, what are the different options to consider when buying a handbag? Color, pattern, shape, size, all of these are important and must be analyzed prior to purchase. In this article I will not talk about all kinds of handbags there. Instead, I will introduce you how to choose a handbag based on their morphology and also talk about the special bag for business travel.
The purse according to its morphology
If you are tempted to buy any purse, I arrest you on. You must choose a handbag or a designer bag that will fit your morphology . Already bearing his choice on it, you will be certain to be completely in the current trend. Now it only remains to know which bag to choose. For even leather, the concept of size is important. Especially found there sizes S, M or L for example.

  • For thin and petite women, it is best to turn to a small bag or a medium size. This will avoid making too big a contrast between morphology and her purse.
  • Large however were rather spoiled: they can opt for a designer bag any size. It is still not recommended to buy a size too small.
  • For curvy women, we will choose the volume rather than a form bag.The volume tends to harmonize with the silhouette and precisely to avoid that the sizes are marked.

For business travel, I opt for THE feminised bag trend
I thought it would be interesting to propose in this paper a trick to choose the best her purse during business trips . This can also work for students, high school or college girls. Often during these trips, we are faced with the ordeal of having to fit everything in one bag. And very often … it’s impossible.
Fortunately, designers have chosen to make bags suitable for these types of trips. Here you can store your notebook, pens and above: your computer. Because yes, now go out without his laptop during business meetings is almost obsolete. By buying a suitable bag, you allow your other designer bags not to be distorted. And above all, you are not obliged to leave the bag with your company you will be given. You know … this horrible bag that we hide. However, always keep in mind that you must choose a suitable size according to your computer.