How to Choose Maternity Skirts?

If you are like me who loves colors and prints, you will love this post. After all, has nothing to do with all the spring than a beautiful picture, and nothing more feminine than a beautiful skirt, is not it?
But to use and stay stylish you have to follow some rules.
First thing is to identify what your body type. If you are skinny, use light colors in the background and prefer the grandonas prints, large flowers, large drawings in general, it helps to give volume on the butt and hip.
If your silhouette is more plump, chubby or wide hips, opt for patterned skirts with darker background and prints menorzinhas, polka dots, little flowers, pattern of leopard.
The high should choose skirts at the time of cinnamon, as the incredibly low should avoid these models at all costs, after all they shorten the silhouette, giving the impression that you are even lower.
Another tip from Homosociety for the incredibly low is to use vertical prints, they lengthen the silhouette. Need not necessarily be stripe may be any type of pattern, but pull more vertical than to the horizontal. This same rule applies to the chubby.
A rule that is for any part that has prints match is a flat of the same color that is prevalent in print, that is, if you will use the printed skirt mostly yellow part, look to combine with a halter top single yellow color.

The printed skirts give a romantic air to the look and match anyone. As combine with any footwear, but the footwear part follows the same rule will at the top, has to be of a single color and in the same predominant color in the print skirt.
The prints are the main point, that’s what completely changes the look. If you use an animal print print, leopard type is sexy, now if you use the same exit and change only the print for a floral is a cute look.
The high-waisted skirts came with all this season, and stampings are not left out of this trend. And the light and soltinhos fabrics are best.
Fashion plaid comes in high three years ago without losing fans. And printed skirts in chess are super beautiful and refer to that high school look, it is super modern and gives a rejuvenated.
You may find that you are no longer in fashion, but the plaid skirt with half dark trousers gives a perfect match today.
You can use the printed skirt on several different occasions. You can go to work, since it is a model below the knee, you can go for a happy hour to the ballad in which case you can choose a model sexy.
Rices of printed skirts vary between R$40 and R$150 in department stores such as the Riachuelo and can reach more than R$8 thousand in online boutiques like Farfetch.