How to Choose LED Color Temperature

Color temperature also called tint is measured on a scale where values ​​are given in Kelvin scale ranges generally from 1,000 kelvins (K) to 10 000K, where a lower value means a warmer temperature of the light. With warm white light is meant not how many degrees the light is but rather what tone it has.
A warm white light is usually in the range of 2500-3500K and have a yellowish glow. A low value on the Kelvin scale gives a reddish glow and a higher value a bluish light.

How to Choose LED Color Temperature

An ordinary light bulb color temperature of about 2700K, a halogen lamp is slightly whiter in its light and the estimated rule to 2800-3000K. CFLs are today in the warm white light but usually it is a little whiter light of these bulbs (3000-3200K). Fluorescent lamps come in many different shades, from 3000K up to 6000K. In the hospital, you often get a nasty cold and sterile feel, this has to do with lighting, often used before a cold white light with a color temperature of 5000-6000K, which has a bluish tint.

Cold white LED is a myth

You often hear that the LED lights and lighting have a cold sterile feel. This is a myth, perhaps true of early LEDs were several years ago. Today’s quality diodes have a very pleasant tone as well corresponding traditional lighting. However, one should be cautious budgetary lamps and inexpensive LEDs as they have a tendency to change the light after a period of use. Make sure that the light does not change the color temperature after some 1000 hours of use. One way of ensuring this may be to choose an LED with good reviews and good quality. Small unknown manufacturers often have problems with LEDbulbbay B22 LED. At first, they can be very bright and with good color temperature, but often change this very quickly.

Choice of color temperature

What color temperature to be selected depend on installation. In a home environment is a warm white color temperature 2500-3000K preferred as we are accustomed to incandescent and halogen lamps.
When it comes to the lighting in public buildings and retail space is neutral hue, 3500-4500K preferable. This lighting reproduces colors in a good way and are often very similar to existing lighting. Recommended as retail lighting for clothing stores.
If one desires a daylight feel with a cold light should choose LEDs with a color temperature of 4500-6000 Kelvin, however, these lamps are often perceived as bluish, in premises that sell jewelry and housewares these lamps perfect.