How to Choose Her Swimsuit to Value?

Boardshorts, boxer, Speedo: how to have the look at the beach?
Every man wants to be attractive to the beach in a swimsuit. But between shorts and Speedo, how well to choose his Jersey?

Gentlemen, you should know that a true gentleman always sports an incredible elegance, and this whatever the circumstances. Indeed, the class does not stop with a nice shirt or well cut trousers: summer requires, we will focus more particularly on the swimsuit. In this article, thefreegeography will give some tips for you to follow when selecting your swimsuit, adapt your look to your body shape, and be chic at the beach or at the pool.
Shorts for comfort and convenience
The shorts is probably one of the favorite parts of the men because of the incomparable comfort it offers. We particularly like his side “dressed casual” which allows you to wear it as well to stroll on the beach to enjoy the long sunny days a drink with friends. Careful if you are rather large and thin, you need to opt for a long swim shorts. Men with muscular thighs may, however, turn to something shorter if they wish.
Mr. Studio shorts : 45 euros (22.50 euros in sales)
The boardshort as an alternative to shorts
The jacket is very often adopted by water sports enthusiasts. So, if you plan to go face the waves, this small room could well be made for you.In addition, with a length greater than the shorts, it will delight tall men complexed by a little thin thighs.
Jacket Polo Ralph Lauren : 85 euros (42.50 euros in sales)
The boxer to wake up your sexy side
The boxer in a few words? Short and close to the body. In other words, it’s an opportunity for play you to it sexy. You’re rather muscular? The boxer will put your assets. Moreover, it is particularly recommended for men or even small average size since it allows to structure the silhouette effectively.
Boxer printed Asos : 15.49 euros
The lovers of Tan panties
Although it is still taboo for some, he should know thatwell-chosen underwear can also be very sexy. Also, it allows to enjoy the Sun without risking to have unsightly Tan marks on the thighs. However, the brief does not suit everyone. Indeed, if you’re rather modest or if you have small plumpness to hide, we recommend you to turn more to swimming shorts.
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