How to Choose Gloves to Man?

Once is not custom, we will talk about gloves: all but incidental accessory lately …
Maybe the topic you seem very simple and you say, “it’s just a story to try to find his gloves size and take a pair with a beautiful leather”. Yet here there is also plenty of small details to check, and that’s what we’ll see: how to choose gloves?

Gloves Mesh

Mesh gloves are the cheapest in general. But the problem with these gloves in wool, is that they are not made to cash wear. And precisely, what place more subject to wear than the palm of your hands? Know then that mesh gloves are not a priority if you have not before that a good pair of gloves … leather.
If you still want to pick one pair, here are a few principles to follow:

  • take a sufficiently narrow mesh to prevent it grabs what passes within range, type your key or scratch your parka,
  • do not spend too much into it, it quickly pilling on gloves,
  • If possible, choose mesh gloves with reinforcements in leather or alcantara palm side.

Winter Gloves: If Mittens

Mittens are gloves with bare fingers. Because it provides less protection from the cold, it’s a little useful accessory that’s really not a priority. At the base is a military accessory that can adhere well to the weapon or the handlebars, and incidentally warm hands without losing mobility fingers ideal for driving or fire.
After it’s true we can have enough fun with looks, provided that the combined correctly with the outfit and it does not become too accessory that keeping overhead.

Leather Gloves

Tails: leather (and mounting)

All those who read the blog from a small year should now know how to recognize a leather of good quality: fine pores and tightened, homogeneous skin leather ruffled little. It is of course important to find these features on the gloves. Provided it is not everything.
Observe the patronage gloves. Ie all the parts that compose it. Good quality gloves include an additional small patch at the base of the thumb to better match the shape of the hand. The finest gloves may also comprise other.
Specifically, when the leather is too wrinkled as the following picture, it’s not a good sign.
The product page does not indicate the animal used for leather. Either it is a less noble kind pigskin, or it is bad parts of lamb or cow (less expensive) and they preferred not to mention.
Having said this price it’s quite normal, but I advise you still invest a little more for a pair that you will enjoy to wear season after season.
There are different types of leather adapted to the glove. Here are the most common:

  • the pigskin: it is a leather with a marked grain, and in general the presence of fairly deep pores. It is a little rough, not so amazing to make gloves … ->
  • deer leather: also very grainy and rough, but he bit tanned mark the folds. After it is a matter of taste (personally I prefer the lamb) ->
  • leather pecari: After a wild pig in South America. It is often considered theultimate of the glove because it has a very soft touch ->
  • lamb leather: it is one of the most supple leathers (if not the most flexible). It is therefore ideal for the glove. It has a very fine grain, lends itself very well to stains and aging well ->
  • the calfskin: thicker, less flexible. It is used primarily for motorcycle accessories. It does not allow beautifully rendered in glove ->
  • goat or kid leather: it is stronger than lamb and equally soft leather. With a grain a bit more visible ->
  • sheep leather: it does not really interest except for its association with wool when used returned (fur inwards). This gives very warm gloves but not necessarily the most elegant. I do not think a French climate justifies this kind of winter gloves, but to live at altitude ->

Note that we do not recognize a leather color, but his touch and his grain. In absolute all colors are possible for all leathers, if you ever ask yourself.

Check the Manufacture of Leather Gloves

How to choose men’s gloves intelligently if you ignore all the quality criteria? Impossible. This however, is not so complicated:

  • Are the stitches tightened and regular?
  • Are the stitches close enough to the edges of the leather? (nothing uglier than the flange effect along the fingers)
  • Is the lining securely attached? Is it also sewn with care and regularity?
  • the glove he meets well the shape of my hand, or my fingers in the glove are like ripples in a square?

There are other details more difficult to detect, such as stitching techniques. For example the stitching saddle stitch are stronger and do not décousent if the wire breaks because each node is a dot (impossible to do at the machine, where the price differences between brands that gloves may seem exorbitant but are finally justified by the dozens of hours of work needed).
Some son are stronger than others. And the wire can be waxed (with a mixture of beeswax and other fat solvents) to make it rot-proof and thus seal the seam.
Much detail not absolutely necessary but some will legitimately willing to offer (just takes a larger TV screen or a better sound).

Choose Gloves to Man: the Importance of Lining

Always read the small label composition of your clothes: if you see that the lining is synthetic, go your way, unless you are a fan handshakes sweaty once arrived at destination (yes, the synthetic materials badly evacuated perspiration).
Choose therefore according to your preferences liners cotton (cheaper, but protection to the limited cold), wool, cashmere, or silk (few people know, but silk is a material that takes relatively warm even with a small thickness).
Also check that the liner goes to the fingertips, quite to roll up the glove to check.

Protection Against Cold

Functional side, do not forget the little details that make the difference, such as a tightening tab:
Or an elastic which is isolated within the glove (or sometimes even a drawstring).
Finally, it goes without saying that the glove should be long enough (and also your coat sleeve: it can usually be extended by 1cm or 2 by defeating the original hem and redoing the lowest). The reverse case, you can check the time, but you might also be cold ?

Choosing the Right Size of Gloves (central point of the article)

Now that you have inspected the glove to ensure its quality, it is time to choose your size. This is perhaps the most important detail … and one that everyone forgets.
Leather is a material that relaxes. Similarly to always choose a leather jacket more fitted than the expected final result, take your tight gloves . I will say even more:choose the smallest possible size, quite to really spend too much hassle when you will remove the glove or the first week. Sorry for the expression, but it must be tight as a string stuff.
It is both important for aesthetic reasons but also practical (a glove to size your air currents anti-insurance).

Maintenance Leather Gloves

Just a little special leather moisturizer once a season or after rain (same as your shoes). Do not let your gloves near heat sources and avoid putting them in contact with the rain as much as possible.

(Not so) Small Selection of Men’s

Finally, here is a selection that I realized especially thanks to the knowledge of the team and friends around me (thank you to all contributors).
Private Labels of Department Stores
Own brands in department store (Printemps and Lafayette Collection lines) offer interesting entry level to those who do not want to put too much (or like me who often lose their business). These woolen gloves Lafayette Collection make amends.I think it’s lamb leather, wool lined.
English brand that offers a good entry. Sold from 75 €.
Ancestral German mark (1839!), And convenient on the entry. From 75 €, and to the stars for some models.
Beautiful French mark one of the last two French cradles leather: Saint-Junien near Limoges (the second being Millau a hundred kilometers from Montpellier). Only flat, much of the production is done in the Philippines today.
For the record, this is Agnelle that realizes white label gloves number of creators (Dior, Lanvin, Balenciaga, Givenchy …). Price e etween € 90 and € 150 (but the entry level is already well ).
JB Guanti
We cross the Alples towards Italy, with JB Guanti. It is a house rather nice, it is everything, it is priced in with an interesting entry. Between € 60 (double cashmere goat) and 180 €.
L’Atelier du Glover
This is another survivor of the French glove (Millau). They make beautiful things in the rules of art, it’s probably one of the best bargains of the selection. And there are a ton of colors available. € 85 lined cashmere.
Note: their guide to the size outlet is very helpful for those who buy their gloves away (but the better it is always a real try-live).
Project Norse
Most original, gloves Norse Project (a Danish brand with strong technical expertise in his clothes). These are buckskin (like deer). Sold 90 € and € 100.
Leon Flam
In a plain style, Leon Flam (which we had already spoken) also offers attractive gloves with discreet red stitching. They are lined with cashmere, and exist brown warbler (the usual dark brown) or marron glacé (softer). Sold € 115.
Maison Fabre
This really is the very big quality, always handmade in Millau (contrary to some rumors say the net), but it’s still very expensive. If made ​​in France is not always feel (in several textile areas, some countries are cheaper and better than us), it remains a true guarantee of quality in the glove and leather work in general.
As against the brand develops its many luxury picture for some time, investing more press, and it shows on prices. But this is a beautiful house, which is at the forefront of creating the appearance (we are little concerned but they make pretty impressive things created, unfortunately mostly in women). Between € 145 and € 200.
Preview of women at Maison Fabre (man is much more conventional).
The Human Comedy
La Comédie Humaine we love also offers gloves, including a taupe color model, rather original. They are manufactured in Causse, so it is expensive: € 175
Another historic Glover Millau. Even niche Maison Fabre, but offers this time of the creation for men. From 160 € for lamb and several hundred euro when tapped to peccaries or python. Excluding created Maison Fabre remains preferable in this niche.
Glossy veal and glazed lambskin, silk lining.
Python and glazed lambskin, silk lining.
Improve this article together : if you see other brands that are worth mentioning (good price/quality ratio + is easily found in France or on the Internet): I am listening to you in the comments. Thank you all!