How to Choose Glasses to Suit Your Face

Who is obliged to wear glasses to view, should not make a fuss. In fact, it is said that this accessory “ruin” your appearance, making you more ugly or aged. The frame of the eyeglasses can instead highlight your face and enhance the special signs. But we should choose the model among the evergreen and the right shape. That’s how you have to choose eyeglasses when you go to the optician.

Choose large frames

The major structure of the frame (preferably resin) does not hide at all the look but, on the contrary, it enhances it. It is also a type of eyewear that hardly goes out of fashion. Even over format lenses create a window on the eyes, enhancing them.

Choose colored glasses

Dare with color, better still if the tone selected matches that of your eyes. Very beautiful are the transparent resin frames, in square version, always combined.

Avoid reading frames

The slender frames, and lenses from the reduced form, does not allow other people to fix your attention on your eyes. Otherwise, the sunglasses with large lenses create a frame from the eye space.

Avoid the cat eye frames

Go very slowly with stretched frames. It is a complex form, which hardly matches the shape of the face. If you do not like square glasses, better focus on more harmonious forms.