How to Choose Cowboy Boots

Let’s talk about shoes. I can already see that you are 45 teeth, smiling. I know that you have only 32, but I also know that when it comes to shoes we women are all happier. In some ways I maybe I am a little less because I speak tuuuuuttti day and at all hours in the office of shoes, but I guess that’s why I love my job so much. Today I want to talk to you about those who at this time are moving into the mainstream, and that above all, they’re going to spread more and more as a kind of shoe, in a few months. We speak then of autumn trends. Necessary that we prepare for well together, no one should be unprepared!


The first note positivissima be underlined in red pen immediately is that high heels, uncomfortable, bad, we can put them aside without any sense of guilt. Usually when the morning before going to work I decide to put a nice loafer or a dancer, I always a war going on behind me. The angel that says “yes, good, so are you comfortable all day,” the devil instead “oh well, this look under the heel we’re fine.” I bet this thing also happens to your home, do you? But this autumn, the wind blows on our side… the low shoe is trendy!


Surely we will go boots. I see well both those high heels just below the knee in soft and shiny skin, maybe looking a little ‘chicchettoso to wear under a skirt a bit’ shorter and colorful socks. I see even better boots, the ones that stop at the ankle.
The classic Beatles will go for more.
This one is also perfect worn under a black dress, for example, then in the office there is from God. We close with a flourish then with a genre that I particularly like but do not know if it meets the tastes of all of you: the camperos.
That more or less openly cowgirl, matches perfectly with jeans or tight pants blacks with loose, comfortable sweaters. Well, you just have to ask yourself if you are ready to open the doors of your shoe to comfort!