How to Choose a Winter Sleeping Bag

Our mountains with altitudes below 3000 m and because humidity is high, the most suitable synthetic sleeping bags. Temperature limits for each sleeping bag are defined in sleeping bag on a mat in a tent. The shape is also important – winter sleeping bag”mummy” insulate better than lower temperatures. They are designed for very cold weather at high altitudes. Rectangular winter sleeping bag gives you more space to rotate and change of posture during sleep, but warms more slowly.

The winter sleeping bag is an essential part of your mountain equipment in cold weather. You only need to drag it and within minutes you will feel nice warming, which promises calm and sweet sleep. We offer winter sleeping bags Milo in perfect filling of natural goose down. The ratio is 90/10, meaning 90 percent down and 10 percent feathers. Goose down is preferred in freezing temperatures because warm more than the artificial insulators. If you use proper winter sleeping bag with goose down, it will serve you a lifetime. Moreover it compress well and is very light. The only condition is not to wet – dries very slowly. It is therefore not suitable for places with a humid climate.
If you are a fan of artificial insulators, select winter sleeping bag Sleepingbagsexpo. Vango models used double-layer insulation of hollow synthetic fibers insulite. They are subtle and lightweight but extremely strong. If you want more heat, buy synthetic winter sleeping bag with a special aluminum mikroobshivka inside his country. It reflects radiated body heat and returns it back to him.
Below heard must appear insole, or as we call it even mat. Modern quilts are made ​​of polyphony, which has excellent insulating properties. Divide is a classic that just bedding, inflatable, and the self. Last become very compact and light, but with extra inflation could reach 3.5 cm thick.