How to Choose a Wallet

Disclaimer: This is the third article of Michael and the second on the mark Anonymous Paris. This is more concrete and provides a good overview of what can be done in the portfolio at the variety of leather and constructions. The part on the choice of the portfolio isa really interesting: the models are good examples of formats to choose according to your needs. For example, all portfolios are not suitable for people as messy as me.

Which model therefore adopt when one is a man? Not a teenager or a young executive but a real man. It is important; the wallet is more than anything else that marks the stages of our lives. We all wanted to mark our independence, swank with our first portfolio; Nylon model garish and Velcro opening. Then the jeans gave way to the suit and the scratch must bow. We feel abandoned, like a gypsy without guitar.
I Making Anonymous In Paris
As for women when choosing one is mistaken. There was a little fumbles before finding one we hope to preserve his life. Leather loose under the weight of years. We have not been sufficiently attentive to quality.
I suggest you refer you to a selected and manufacture of quality leather model. Especially since this is the accessory that you need to invest.
Parts required for the manufacture of a TOURNY
As you can see each card slot is lined with a single piece of leather and the inner and outer edges are painted. The leathers are from French tanneries and manufacture by hand fully ensured in France, among the best shapers. All these manufacturing elements ensure the longevity of your companion.
The proposal we made Anonymous is aesthetic, qualitative and timeless. As a handsome man who matures but does not age selected leather will soften with time, the patina to the color of memory.
The CHARTRONS model answers this question in the skirting. The central-one card-holder is removable part, a 3 in 1 smart. You can use only the card holder or wallet or as the Italian, combining the two get a very comprehensive portfolio. Ten card slots, a transparent pocket and a note slot, concentrated your life in the palm of the hand.
The CHARTRONS is the best investment you can make. It is also the best choice because you do not have to choose, you are ready for any situation.

The Portfolio Tourny

If you are not satisfied after going through a practical question: I every day a bag or pocket?
If the answer is you can slip a plus size model. If you are more the type to go out with your phone and your keys then you need is a compact model.
Then ask yourself: am I or do I need to be organized?
Compact models require to focus on the essentials and to exercise memory to remember to take the cinema card or museum before slamming the door of the apartment.
The full models secure those who travel a lot or have days that call for automation and leave no room for the little things you have to remember to enjoy life.
The choice you make is very personal, the right portfolio can also be combined in the plural, for different moments of life. Let’s review the models proposed Anonymous-Paris so that you find the one or ones that suit you.

The Card Holder Victoire: Mainly

This is not the model towards which one goes first, not the everyday model but it has undeniable qualities. The simplicity and minimalism. It is impossible for you to put unnecessary things. You have your business cards to sell yourself and your card to buy everything
This is also a very elegant object from your core portfolio. WIN your preciously often mundane business cards in an object that it is not and that will attract for sure attention of your contact.

Margaux Portfolio: The Lightest And Minimalist Size

MARGAUX accompanies you for its museum, cinema or on the road, you have six card slots.Dubbing leather easy insertion and removal of cards, sometimes difficult on such a model with a lining fabric. The central pocket also allows you to drag any tickets, gently folded. This is a very good compromise for those who like to travel light and know just the minimum.

The Bristol Portfolio: Daily Adapted Form

The compact but adequate BRISTOL offers an interesting alternative. Particularly well suited to everyday city life he slips into a jeans pocket, and it’s no surprise the best selling home. Inside you can drag your license-new format, two payment cards, and some notes. An outdoor space can extract quickly your transport card, Autolib ‘and tickets.

The Pey-Berland And Gambetta Portfolios Tote Models

Tote models are available in two sizes and two variations. The horizontal portfolio on one side, the vertical holding another. Whatever the chosen direction these models meet your loyalty desires.
The horizontal portfolio fits in a pants pocket while the vertical version is more suitable for a jacket pocket or coat.
Each model is available in French version with coin compartment or American with only pockets for cards.
Portfolios with materials, most original forms and details: Anonymous is known for its exclusivity as the small series production.

The Girondin Portfolio: Practical And Original

The Comedy Portfolio

The GIRONDINS looks like a classic model portfolio COMEDY horizontal-that would have closed with a zip.
More compact and modern it is a rare model in this format. A good bet if you are looking for is the originality and practicality .

The Tourny Portfolio, More Light

Closet tickets in a red purse in Asia would boost prosperity. The TOURNY, respecting the house color code, is part of that momentum. The extravagance as the eccentricity are permitted only when nothing was left retail. Understand that the hides were selected, how made in the best workshops and the design is devoid of frills.
If you must choose a color to stand out red has something that others do not. This is not a color collection, chan