How to Choose a Suitable Tie

Most men have doubts when choosing for suit, blazer, Tuxedo and dinner jacket. And many don’t know the difference between them all. The situation is even more difficult to decide when we talk about tie model. Did you know that there are four main models of tie and that each one must be used according to the physique, the chosen outfit and the occasion. 
Today, pharmacylib will explain the main differences between the ties so you can adopt on different occasions and visuals.

The 4 models of tie

Standard -This is the traditional tie model. She is originally made of silk and is the widest model. Works great on all physical types and can be used in various occasions. She creates a classic look.
Slim -slim tie is one of the models that is on the rise. Is a thinner cut recommended for thinner men. The fatties or not will be so well with this model. She is perfect for relaxed situations and can be used, if well combined with patterned shirts.
Straight tip -A controversial tie model which came to disappear from the market for a while. She is very interesting with the shirts chess or smooth and should be used in visuals without suit.
Bow tie – This is the most classic of all tie. It is usually used with Tux on more formal occasions, such as wedding, graduation etc. Currently, many men wear shirts more detached and cool pants. A risk, but it can be very interesting.

What’s your favorite tie model?

Each of the models of tie works very well for a particular physique or style, but you can adopt them in your visual, such as ties, ties stamped straight knitting tips, slim without suit and so many other variations.
Which of these models is your favorite?
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