How to Choose a Sports Bra

The other day I received an email from Maribel  asking me for help in choosing a good sports bra.  And as I think it’s a topic that should interest us all women who exercise, I decided to share with you some tips to choose a good sports bra.
No one can start running with street shoes. However, many women do not give the bra the importance it has and they do sport with the same bra they wear to wear normally.
A good sports bra will not only make us feel more comfortable during our training. These bras designed for sports especially help us avoid injuries, such as breaking Cooper’s ligaments, which hold the breast, or serious back injuries and prevent the chest from falling.
Depending on the type of exercise we practice the movement of the chest can get to oscillate 14 centimeters. We are going crazy, so a good support is more than fundamental if we do not want to end up happening billing.

What do I have to consider when choosing a sports bra?

The most important thing for you to achieve with your sports bra is that you take into account the size of the chest and the type of activity you practice.  You do not need the same bra if you are going to practice yoga or pilates as if you are doing impact exercises like Insanity , running or basketball.

What type of sports bra to choose according to activity and breast size:

If your chest is rather small or you practice low-impact sports on the breasts, the best option is to opt for compact type top bras .
If your chest is large or practice high impact sports you should seek greater support and the best option is a bra that holds each chest separately.

Other aspects to consider when choosing a good sports bra:

Sewing and Fabrics.

Avoid seams, especially in the area of ​​the nipples.The sport is movement and if there is seam the movement can be translated in friction.
Try to choose breathable and soft fabrics.

Wide straps.

The width of the straps influence much more than we think of the holding of the chest. No fine suspenders if you have big breasts or do exercises with impact.
When adjusting the straps of the sports bra we have to avoid that they press too much the shoulders.

The bottom tape.

A common mistake is to choose fasteners that with the bottom strap too tight.
This tape should be tightened but not tightened. Notice that it goes right into the chest area and can interfere with our breathing during exercise.
Although you may seem crazy in the tester, I recommend that when you try on the sports bra of small jumps in the tester, and move your arms as much as you can to see if it really fits well to your chest.

When should I change a sports bra?

Sports bras have more wear and tear than normal ones. In addition to the wear they suffer when washing them, the sweat of the training also favors that their wear and that with the uses is losing effectiveness.
As a general rule, the recommendation is that you should change it every 3 months . But as always, applying logic is the best advice, change it when you see that the elastic begins to sag
I hope these tips will help you to be clearer how important a good grip is when you play sports.