How to Choose a Security Camera System for Your Home

IP cameras are widely used in different areas-industrial, military, civilians and others. Choosing the appropriate IP camera depends on many factors, some of which we describe below. We offer no perfect solution for you and appropriate questions to answer in order to pick a good camera to meet your needs.

1. Internal or external?

When selecting IP camera, you should consider where it will be installed. Typically, the inner chamber is suitable for indoor video surveillance-therefore, these cameras are compact and attractive design, but plastic. Outdoor surveillance need to use camera which is vandal and weather resistant (waterproof and dustproof), it naturally can be installed in closed spaces.

2. At what price – cheap or expensive?

Obviously, if you’re rich enough, you would like to choose an expensive camera produced by well-known brand. The high price does not always equal high quality and service. Thanks to the rapid development of digital technology, many of the smaller manufacturers also have the ability to produce good products with high quality. There are too many differences between cheap IP camera and an expensive one. If you want to buy cheap IP camera, you can follow our tips:
• Compare the performance of the hardware as resolution, viewing angle, video storage, intelligent video analysis.
• Before purchasing a product, you should familiarize yourself with the software, and its effectiveness .
• Check well what the warranty conditions of the product.

3. Want to record video footage or just watch in real time?

This is a pretty important part of the process of selecting an IP camera, because you have to decide if you want to record all or only to watch in real time.

4. Will you try to do it yourself or rely on professional installation?

Sometimes the installation of a CCTV camera may be more complicated than it seems at first glance. Consider well if you handle yourself and if necessary leave the process to the professionals.

5. What Does The Resolution?

The higher the resolution, the better the image quality.

6. Whether The Camera is Expandable?

A few years ago cameras were designed only for surveillance . With the rapid development of technology, however, now things have changed – people want a smart camera, ie they need a camera that can analyze videos to detect motion and missing objects mask, counting, etc. This is a camera with the ability to connect with alarm system, access control system or home automation.

7. Day Or Night Surveillance?

Of course you want the camera to record the day and night. A day / night IP camera can provide color images during the day and B / W (black and white) images at night thanks to infrared illumination. How far infrared illuminated backlit defines the scope of night vision camera. IR-CUT (ICR) filter did block the entry of unnatural light in the chamber during the day and helps color reproduction.

8. What is the coverage of surveillance?

The less is the focal length of the lens in millimeters, the wider the angle of observation, but images shot in this view appear in a smaller scale. As the greater the focal length, the smaller the angle of view (you will see a smaller area), but more details and approximations.
These are the main issues to be your investment reasonable. A maximum efficiency of your CCTV system , contact us and then free view our specialists will offer you the best option to increase your safety!