How to Choose a Perfect Tie

The ties of men come in every imaginable color, designs, fabrics, and even cuts. Because there are so many choices, I noticed that even those who tend to wear ties for many years often find that it is difficult to make a decision when choosing a good tie.

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It is often the result of not knowing what to look for in one tie other than your own tastes. Although personal preference is of course important, there is a little more criteria that go into the choice of a good tie. As long as you have a solid idea of what to look for when you want to buy a tie, you’ll have a much better chance to be confident about the choices you make.
Here are three tips from internetsailors for choosing the perfect tie that no one should be ignored.

Proportion (length / width) of the tie

The first, and maybe something more important that you must consider when choosing a tie is the proportion, is the length and the width of the tie, and how they relate to the size / morphology of a person.
As a general rule, the right tie is one that is perfectly proportional to the size of the individual who wears it. The men who fall into the category “big and strong”, for example, require a tie which is a little longer. For this reason, many retailers offer long ties.
Then, let’s talk about width of tie. Biggest men generally have a better appearance with ties of regular width, then the smaller men and / or thin can add a touch of fashion by wearing ties slim. In addition to your morphology, the type of jacket you wear should complement your tie. As a good rule of thumb: more the tie is narrow over the lapels of the jacket must be close.
Finally, let’s talk about your tie in the right proportion. First of all, the tie should be knotted to get close to the center of your belt buckle. Second, the size of the tie knot should the gap there is in your neck – making the biggest tie (such as the Windsor) knots is more suited to the wide collars.


Many men seek to determine what color is perfect for them as soon as they start to wear ties. In such a case, it is important to realize that there is really not something like a color that goes to everything, since every outfit and every situation dictate the need of some color palettes.
For example, a black tie or a black Butterfly (for the more courageous in style) is appropriate for official events where one should be very elegant, when other colors of ties are irrelevant. Thesuit- tie”for shorter scenarios, on the other hand, offer a large number of other possibilities.
Regarding the most popular colors for this scenario, you will find the deep blues and reds on the top of the list. These colors tend to connote the professionalism and trust, and are ideal for those who try to influence a crowd in their direction.
If you are looking to take an approach to casual to wear a tie, you can experiment with virtually any color to see whether or not it will be a good choice for your outfit. That being said, it must also choose ties based on seasonality; pastels and light colors in the spring / summer, rich tones of Earth in the fall / winter.


Once you have a knowledge of colors to choose, and when you should switch to choose the right model for your tie. There are a variety of different schools of thought on how to correctly pair a tie patterned with a set, but perhaps the most important thing to understand is that the ground of your tie should not be otherwise present in the rest of your outfit (otherwise, the shock will almost always happen).
For example, a striped shirt will look great with a polka dot tie, but not with a tie striped. Stick to semi-motifs first, ties that are much easier to match than those with strong patterns. thin/wide stripes, points and the tiles are all excellent options.
Of course, the easiest choice of all is that of the solid, color tie that is also the most versatile. If you feel that a model that you plan to wear may be too “heavy”, it is likely to be, and you’d better spend just above.
And to help you bring your neckties, we give you examples of knots to make for a beautiful style of insured:
And then, like you wear ties? What are your favorite colors and choice? What is your perfect combination of colors “suit and tie”?