How to Choose a Headlamp

Hitting eight-thousanders climb, evening bike or jogging? Or just need a night at the cottage go out for firewood? The headlamp is always welcome and we will help you choose the right one.
When selecting the headlamps you need to ask two basic questions: How much you want to invest in its purchase and what you want to use? “Do you plan to use it during lighting in a tent at the camp on the road from a party, or even during a power outage? Then you need less powerful and less expensive headlamp without extra functions, “recommends a specialist in outdoor equipment Vít Hruska of the portal
Need contrary headlamp on the bike, running, skiing or hiking on? Then, choose from more efficient models, which tend to have more features – adjustable lighting intensity, flashing, battery status indicator LEDs … Also used are better and achieve longer afterglow.

If you are unsure of your choice, do not be afraid to ask the dealer for advice and ideally a light straight try Toughestflashlights.
When selecting the headlamps focus on a few basic parameters:
Weight headlamps may not bother you if you go on a short trip or an evening somewhere, but every gram is to know on a more challenging hike or travel by plane.
Luminous flux directly say how much will be the source of light, the unit is 1 lumen (lm) and eg. 40 W bulb has a light output of 400 lm, 60 W bulb is no longer on the output of 700 lm and 100 W bulbs can expect a luminous flux of 1300 lm.
Lighting time saying how long headlamp light in the mode selected before an Lumen below a certain limit. “For some producers, this limit is vaguely set at the moment when they can headlamp neposvítíte enough, but in other states time until the batteries run out. It is not always so, this value is sufficiently revealing, “says Vit Pear.
Afterglow, or how much to shine a headlamp mode selected. The greater the distance, the more powerful headlamp, higher luminous flux, but often also shorter burn time.