How to Choose a Good Support Bra

A quasi-existentielle question for most women, whether they are big or small, her breasts do not often find bra size. This article is therefore for all breasts mistreated bytheir bras.

I’m glad I’m here, because I can claim to know a lot about bras. This summer I worked at Princess Tam-Tam (Yes, yes I did things before, so breasts I’ve seen full of small, big, which hang, of that link and a question often comes up: “what is my size? Let us agree the breasts, it is important, the men are the first to be able to approve. But apart from the fact that they do fantasize about our men, the breasts is the essence of femininity. By feminine I do not have large breasts, I hear all breasts. And if the bra is primarily practical purpose, it can also become sensual. Even life-saving underwear, Yes, yes a woman was saved by her bra, but that is another story…
To choose her bra, it is necessary to make a few small reminders. What does 85B mean? 85 is for the size and B round for your cap, the CAP is the depth of your breast. If you do a 85B know that many sizes can you go, 80 c and 90A (size in addition to waist + one size less Cup size and vice versa), similarly for all sizes. How do know if abra is not for your breasts? If the back of your bra back, is that you have one or twosizes to the level of the waist. If your breast is cut in two at the top of your Bra (same at the level of the armpits), it’s that the CAP is not big enough. If your straps fall all the time, it’s the size of your waist is too large. Or even the spring frame is that theCAP is too small. It’s complicated, certainly, but very important. I’m not telling you to buy a bra for $ 3 million, but simply one that fits you well.
The complexity of the choice of your Bras is very well detailed in the blog of Maia (our reference in sexual News). Because the bra is an essential tool for the good health of your chest. But also to the fantasies of your men (Hey Yes still in seduction!) Be aware that for small breasts, like the big, there are lots of specialty shops that and more to have your sizes, will have the sexiness that we’re looking for in Bras. And to avoid that your breasts are not the attraction land too prematurely, practice weight Sunrise (cf diagram above, stitched on the blog of Maia, designed by her boyfriend). Il est recommandé aussi d’éviter le boob slapping, très mauvais pour les seins et pour votre dignité !