How to Buy Women's Clothes Online

Lange was the special features in the buying behavior of women too little attention in online shopping. A good reason for us, the buying behavior of the largest audience in the network more closely to take re-examined.
Our infographic “Female Commerce-What Women Want” gives an overview of numbers, facts and oddities in behavior female shopper and women can certainly bring smile:

Women Want to be Independent
Women like to buy online, since they are so time-flexible (85%) and enjoy the convenience of being able to order from home (80%). are important to you, in particular, the opportunities to return products (women return on average more often than men), and the payment methods offered.
Clothing Must Be Suitable for Everyday Use
Buyer of clothing it is particularly important to most women, that this is wearable in everyday life (42%).The Trend news plays on average, however, only a minor role (36% perceive a factor as important, however, 40% as less important). Interesting: More than 50% of women report that they frequently wear coordinated clothing.
Women can (n) just do Not Understand. Or Maybe Yes?
We continue with some curious facts about the buying behavior of women. So are about one in three women to have ever bought shoes in the wrong size, because they have their soooo liked. Many women regret impulse buying after deeply and 9% hide their purchases even before their own partners. In addition, one in four women believes despite a full wardrobe that she has nothing to wear.