How to Buy the Right Running Shoes

Running is one of the most accessible sports that are gaining increasing popularity. Across Europe, running now so popular that the fleeing people can see everywhere – in parks, on streets and sidewalks, squares. Young and old jogging and tone morning, day or evening, after work. We at sport depot want to make the running in Bulgaria equally popular and sincere welcome each runner.

Running is primarily increased cardio activity. Long running works the whole body and loaded almost all muscle groups: when running, work hard not only legs, but our muslulatura abdomen, arms, neck, back. During the running load of muslulnite groups of the body is not too strong. Running strongly stirs the blood of the body and contributes to a good metabolism, maintain tone, and improves circulation. If regular running combined with proper nutrition, it can become the best tool for weight loss and maintaining good form. But perhaps one of the most important advantages and the greatest dignity of running is its ability to take stress. Try and see for yourself!
Anyone can start to run. However, this takes running shoes and proper equipment. Like any other sport, if you get the necessary equipment, training will be more effective and will feel more comfortable.
For those who want to start to run, the most important is choosing a running shoe. Sneakers are always part of gardoraba us – everyone has one or several pairs of sneakers in the closet or cupboard for shoes.
Every day our customers come and share with our consultants that want to buy sneakers. For this before they recommend shoes, we always ask them what will benefit them, so we can be most useful.
For each sport has different type of footwear. This article will try to give you the necessary information why you should run away with running shoes, not any sports shoes.
If I ran 10 kilometers each of our feet will come into contact with the ground at least 5000 times. With such a large load is extremely important selection of quality and comfortable shoe.
That is why, we at Sport Depot recommend only branded running shoes with proven quality over the years. Do not trust and do not make compromises with dubious shoes and brands.
Running shoe is low boot with high and soft soles; This is the most important thing that distinguishes it from all other sports shoes.
In the sole of a running shoe has different special omekotyavashti fabrics or plates. At best models have a combination of several technologies. There soles with air chambers, a layer of special gel textures and silicones technologies like amrtisyorite and springs. All they do running shoe means koeo protects the foot from bruises and hold it steady.
The outer (lower) part of the sole has a layer with a special rubber (other than other athletic shoes), which is wear resistant and is designed for running on asphalt or other hard and uneven surface. This type of tire tracks left (like a tire).
In more technological and more expensive models, the front end of the sole has a special layer aerated rubber, which is not as hard-wearing as that of the fifth, but its goal is to take the load and soften the forefoot.
In better footwear models running is strengthening (from a hard material) into sole under the arch of the foot, which gives the shoe stability against twisting. If you run with shoes that are not designed for running, you might get an injury.
The fabric of the upper of the shoe is almost always net (Mesh). It helps free breathing and cooling of the foot when running. There are models entirely from leather, which are generally used for running in winter. So do not be surprised that almost all running shoes are network and textiles.
“Nose” of the shoe running is curved and reinforced, so that the shoe is “rolls” easier contact with the surface on which the run. Also serves to protect against roughness;
On some models running shoes insole is removable, which allows to put orthopedic insole;
The latest trends in running shoes is that they are very lightweight and breathable, like in appearance seem almost like sports shoes for leisure. These shoes provide exceptional comfort and convenience feet, while a softening effect similar to a normal running shoe. Such models are shoes series of ClimaCool Adidas, BioRide of Puma, and Free of Nike.