How to Buy Sunglasses Online

Sunglasses is a little addicted to me and I have quite a collection that I jealously guard in a large drawer.
Most of my glasses come from online shopping sites, and I rarely wrong ( so far never phew ) when I order a pair of glasses.

So I thought a little recap and some tips to avoid mistakes when buying online could be very useful.

  1. Select the frame shape

Of course there are no definitive rules, you know me I hate it, but the lines that you can follow if you hesitate.
-For a round face: prefer more geometric lines (straight or angled) as rectangular frames, or “cat’s eye” for example.
-An oval face: think of wider frames on down, more down on the cheeks, they will rebalance your face, the pilot form for example.
-A rather long face: If you have a large forehead sunglasses, for example, bulky frames will dress your face, retro shapes like “flies glasses.”
Note that a frame with rounded lines will give you a more youthful look, softer contrast and a more upright frame, geometric will give you character, insurance at eye level.

  1. Select protection

Make sure that your horse is the CE, this logo often written in white capital letters is guarantee of security in line with the European Community.
One thing that is often ignored, your glasses are the index of the protection class of your glasses that will filter sunlight.This is the small number next to the CE.
Category 0 no filter no sunbeam
Categories 1 and 2 are suitable for medium brightness to low.
Categories 3 and 4 to strong sunlight, like mountains and sea. The 3 being the norm that is found most often. And it is not advisable to drive with category 4.

  1. Measure his mount

This is the most certain way to choose his glasses and be certain that we go.
Equip yourself with a tape measure or ruler and your pair of glasses that suits you best. Almost all online shopping sites indicate the measures shall specify in mm of the future frame, then just compare the ribs with your glasses. Do not forget to measure the length of your legs. This can be very useful if you need to adjust the resistance to ear level.
If you have a nose located just below the eye line, or very thin or very thick nose, choose glasses with fins that you can adapt to your liking.
Finally my last tip, take the exact reference of your future glasses and type away on google images, so you can see other people with different faces wearing these glasses.
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