How to Buy Shoes Online

Know the 10 basic rules that every person should know before going out to buy the ideal footwear.

For some, they are an obsession. For others, a simple need. For all those who we are, somehow, in the Middle, are often a source of headache. Still don’t know what we’re talking about? Shoes…


Whether you love them and you care for them as a child, or only you remember them when you have to get them, or why not something in between, there is no doubt that shoes can enhance or destroy a beautiful set of clothes.


While it is important to choose the right style, it also is the care of your feet and your budget.

Here are 10 tips to keep in mind when you should take on the task of buying shoes (read more tips on


  1. If your budget can only deal with a good pair of shoes, so they are ones in which the fingers are permanently – clogged-, and opt for black or taupe (very in fashion), or dark brown or beige. These are neutral shoes for any time of the year that will be good with any piece of your wardrobe, and allow you to use them with both skirts and pants.
  2. The color of your shoes should be of the same hue to your belt or darker. In this way, you get an aspect of overall harmony without directing the attention of observers towards your feet.
  3.  5 cm heels are sufficient to Stylize most of the legs. Use a minimum of 5 cm if you are robust, low stature, or short legs, to extend to you and make you high.
  4.  The heel of 10 cm is the maximum for business. WAD needle is not appropriate, at least that your job has something to do with standing in a corner…
  5.  While most shows shoe, the less appropriate for business it is. Sandals, slippers, and sandals are not suitable for traditional businesses. In any case, a closed shoe be much more appropriate for a work situation.
  6.  Keep the shoe in proportional relationship with your foot. If you have big feet or heavy legs, opt for robust styles with wide heels. If you have small feet or thin legs, choose delicate styles with thin heels.
  7.  Buy the best quality in materials that you can afford, so they support all the inclemencies of the weather. Although your Pocket out more resentful, it is the best investment for your money in the long run.
  8.  Don’t forget that you can carry the Shoemaker those shoes that have been torn or damaged. Do you have a pair of favorite shoes that are too worn to use and like them long enough to write them? Bring them to the cobbler and leaves to get new soles.
  9.  Try to buy shoes in mid afternoon night, when feet tend to be at their maximum expansion, as a result of the swelling caused by standing, walking or running.
  10.  No longer necessary that shoes and handbags or purses combined. However, it should be in the same line with the other (casual, elegant, etc.) and reflect the style of your clothes to perform together as a whole.

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