How to Avoid 5 Most Common Smart phone Issues

Smart phones were a major breakthrough in cell phone usage. With a technology that allows connections, constant access to the Internet, these devices have changed people’s lifestyles and today it is impossible to go to a restaurant or public transport and not see the most diverse types of individuals attentive to their devices.  However, all this advancement comes at a price and it is not uncommon for them to present common and extremely annoying defects to their owners. Whether it is due to physical problems or malfunctions of the mobile operating system, it is commonplace to see someone almost losing their head with some failure that the device presents. Want to find out what are the most feared defects of smart phone addicts? Check the text below:

Screen Problems

Here at computerannals, touch screen screens are perhaps the great milestone of smart phones and a remarkable gain in technology for these gadgets. They have completely changed the way they use a cell phone and are among the biggest breakthroughs of the last few decades. But along with that comes the sensitivity needed for finger recognition. And then, any hard knock or fall is enough to damage the screen and the system. To avoid this you should be careful and avoid putting your device in slippery corners and places. Shallow pockets are also a danger. If it is not possible and the accident occurs, you can contact your technical service, but the repair is only covered if the defect is not caused by the owner, so if the cell phone fell out of your hand, forget: prepare to spend A good one.

Batteries with low durability

While the old handsets that only served to call and, at most, send SMS lasted days and more days without needing to recharge, smart phones commonly need daily recharge. With the many features that require increasingly powerful processors such as large screens, applications, Bluetooth, mobile Internet and WI-FI, these gadgets can not get away from the jacks. To minimize the problem, you can even turn off features and reduce screen brightness, but the fact is that the charger should always be at hand.

Applications that lock

One of the most common problems of these devices are the applications that insist on locking. Sometimes they do not open, they stop at nothing, they do not update and even restart the smart phone.
Usually the cause is the same: little internal memory or a poorly powered device.
The cluttered installation of these programs can lead to malfunctions and even damage the operating system and there is more money going away for repair. In order not to suffer from this evil, install only what is necessary and erase what you do not use.

Shoot down liquids

It is very normal to leave the appliance on the tables when we eat and then to drop liquid on top is a step. Nor is it rare to fall into the pool with him and even let him escape into the toilet. If you remove the phone quickly from the water, turn it off and remove the battery, you can still have salvation. Dry the water from absolutely all components, use a drier or soak the appliance in a pot of rice if possible. The fact is that these devices are sensitive and the risk of permanent damage is high.


Another common problem of smartphones is the overheating of the handsets. With the excessive use, it is common that the temperature exceeds the ideal limit and the cell presents some defect. Try to use it wisely and do not spend hours on end in applications. If it still overheats, call for service.
These are the most common defects of these devices. Even with the many advances, it has not yet been possible to make fully reliable and sturdy phones. But even with all that, it’s almost impossible not to have a smart phone these days. The ideal is to be careful and minimize the risks, because even with all these problems, it is impossible not to have yours!