How Much Less Impact on The Environment Better: So Is The Progress of Apple and Its Partners in China

As we have seen in recent years, the impact on the environment is an important issue for the guys at Cupertino. This is why every certain months we see a new breakthrough and achievement by the company in the use of renewable energy and the least impact on the environment.
Apple has now announced two new progress in China, one of the areas where more activity the company has indirectly due to the location of their main suppliers and companies with which it collaborates to produce the iPhone and other products. The first step has to do with the commitment to be renewable at the time of manufacture glass, while the second has to do with agreements with suppliers to use wind energy.
Alisa Jackson, Vice President of environment, policy and social initiatives of Apple, says the following:
We want to show the world that it can be produced in a responsible manner and we are working with our suppliers to help them reduce their environmental impact in China. Congratulations to Lens for its bold step, and hope that by sharing the lessons that we have learned in our transition to renewable energy, our suppliers continue to have access to clean energy projects.
Thus, Lens (one of the most important companies in the manufacture of glass using iOS devices) is committed to by the end of 2018 all the energy you will use will be 100% from renewable sources. On the other hand, Apple has announced that 14 sites of final Assembly in China Apple products are already 100 renewable.
The 14 sites of final Assembly in China Apple products are already 100 renewable
These 14 sites comply with a kind of “zero waste” rule that certifies that all waste from the manufacturing process are reused, recycled, are converted into fertilizer or become energy. It is something Foxconn got in two of their sites earlier this year, and it seems that during these months has carried it out also in the other 12 sites.