How Do I Style a Denim Jumpsuit?

In the absence of a sunny blog time… You already know Kommunion (for the dear wishes of you I would like to thank you very much) and so-I did not get it to the series, to write a decent post. But in any case I wanted to thank for the place on a great list with Vanessa Pur. She added me to her top 10 blogger list, among other grandiose ladies. I am really happy about it, it means a lot to me-thank you dear Vanessa.
But now on to my actual blog theme today… “How do I style a denim jumpsuit?”
It does not really need an extensive text-pictures would be enough and nevertheless… without any big or small letters, I simply can not get out. So in the real life I talk quite a lot and come gladly from one topic to the other… You know, digress… that I create myself in writing.  But today I try to stay good at the theme and this time is the styling of the jumpsuit by Tchibo. Already in, I showed you the Einteiler and it occurred to me that some of you a belt with my styling was missing and nevertheless-also this time you will look for it in vain and I tell you also why.

This Is So Eighties

Quite simply, I like it better without a belt. I find a styling with, is so 80s and reminds me a bit of the Denver Clan or Dallas. If only the shoulder pads are missing-then I would feel like Krystle Carrington… But, this is not the only reason-after all, the delivered belt with the denim jumpsuit almost does not fall, since tone in tone. But at the point where the manufacturers of this jumpsuit have set a waist, that does not suit me… neeee so not at all … The designers of the clothing probably had Helene Fischer in mind and the singing wonder is with 1.58 m, just under 12 centimeters smaller than me. I guess the waist is at a different height… In addition, I have a relatively long upper body. Grmpf… I would now like to have written something like, I have ellenlange legs. But unfortunately nope… With me is the length in the upper body and have you ever heard that someone says: But she has a great, long upper body! Neeee?Neither do I!

A Denim Jumpsuit Needs High Shoes

And because that is so and because I like long legs synonymous better, I try to top a few inches away and down a few inches to zumogeln-purely optically natural. But I manage to do this rather badly with given belt loops-added to my rebellious being, which does not like to comply anyway. So freedom for the body center and away with the belt… and of course I will not replace it with another belt. So at least not now and not today… I put my waist with a short blouson. This has the advantage that I can decide depending on the length of the jacket itself, at what height my waist sits. What is totally super-important for me is high shoes. Sneaker or Schnürer I could not imagine the denim jumpsuit. Otherwise it would be a bit bad, like the Calgon man uh the Calgon woman-am finally emancipated. So, now you know why I deny my denim jumpsuit on a belt and to the blouson I have to write also ne line. That is the Lilly Butterblumeshown on Instagram and I could not resist and have Inspire me. Uh… yes… Well come in the new week… and I should go with the next outfit with denim jumpsuit, then a
… and do not forget: the miracle for the decollete is still to be won by 1 May. So nüscht how to .
… and who is looking for more styling ideas for denim jumpsuits, will find on Pinterest . There is something for every taste … with and without a belt.
Denim Jumpsuit: Tchibo-at Amazon(Affiliatelink) I found a casual denim jumpsuit.
Blouson: Zara
Shirt: .redirection via Lindner Fashion-a great stationary shop in Dortmund with a great service. I got to know him about Cla byGlamupyourlifestyle.
Pumps: Café Noir
Bag: Apex-okay, this bag of Moschino is totally different, but I have linked it nevertheless, because it is an Affiliatelink of Breuningerand it is to me only 1. to be as soon as possible to become stinky or 2 I just like the little red Moschino bag.
Necklace: lizas
Bracelet:  Gabriele Frantzen (makes great jewelry and is in Munich with the Konen to have) and Fitbit® via Zalando(Affiliatelink)