Honor Bridesmaids Dresses for Weddings

Honor bridesmaids dresses for weddings. Bridesmaids play an important role in a wedding, should therefore choose the best dresses and look radiant, but without removing protagonism to the bride.
If you make a bridesmaid, then I leave you a list of tips that you should keep in mind, so take note:
* Have to look beautiful and sexy, but do not try to remove the role of the bride. Which should highlight with much prominence in the wedding is the bride and bridesmaid should only be the complement of the wedding.
Honor Lady must support the bride in everything you need and also need to help him make the wedding preparations, as for example search for the ideal wedding dress.
* It also very important to mention, that the bridesmaid must be willing do tasks that says the bride, if the bride says I will buy my dress, as the bridesmaid should accompany him.
* On the day of the wedding, bridesmaid should be friendly with the bride providing tranquility and serenity.
* At the wedding, bridesmaid must be aware of the bride, in such a way that the ceremony goes well. For example:

  • During the ceremony, you must catch the bridal bouquet.
  • You have to help him to get out of the car when you arrive at the Church.
  • You must be aware at all times dress tail.

Apart from the tips above, you as a bridesmaid have to reassure the bride and keep an eye on it every moment of the ceremony. The wedding is the most important day of the wedding and therefore the full support she must find the bridesmaid.
The bridesmaid should become her best friend and confidante of the bride, before and during the wedding celebration. This means, that bridesmaid will be the friend and confidant of the bride throughout life.
As you must dress bridesmaid
All bridesmaids should wear the same, this means that they must use the dress, the same accessories and same shoes. It is also advisable that the bridesmaids dress according to their age, they should be family or friends of the bride.
The recommended colors for the bridesmaids are the soft pastels, are delicate and very fresh for a wedding. The white color is not recommended for the ladies, because this colour is very preferred by brides.
It is not advisable for the bridesmaids to use dress with patterned fabrics and also with stripes. It is preferable that they choose those dresses that are of smooth fabrics, because they are more sophisticated and better combine.
Most recommended colors for the wedding day are: stick pink, lilac, yellow, sky blue, pink, green lemon, salmon, Orange and turquoise.
The colors more ideal for night weddings are as follows: the Blue King Brown, dark blue, purple, olive green, red, cherry, green and gold.