High Fashion Makeup Trends

The makeup is a way to exalt the beauty at any time.
Everyone is keeping an eye on fashion trends in 2016 autumn/winter, including makeup. The parades of SPFW reveal a little about the makeup for the chilly period of the year.
Do you think you should choose a dark lipstick in autumn and winter, then you are wrong. There is no longer a single prevailing style.

The most important thing of any makeup is to use it to show your advantages. Then how about various possibilities?

  1. Naturalness with mouth off. This is a trend that is appearing for some time on the catwalks. This kind of “fashion” is also showed in the BB cream. The BB cream is released as cosmetic “sweetheart” of the moment. The maxim: “less is more” applies very well here! The mouth will not need heavy colors any more; a simple gloss or nothing is also perfect.
  2. Green makeup. This is the year of blue whiting. And it also swept the cosmetic field. Whoever wants to try can turn your eyes to emerald green color. What a beautiful color! And the green lipstick, will someone want to take a try?
  3. Black shade in the eye. This is a classic in makeup! It’s so winter. Try to make some difference! Lino Villaventura brought you an artistic and dramatic way. If an eye is black, then your mouth should be wore nothing.
  4. Brown and black lipstick. At some time in the past, not far away, the brown lipstick was once quite popular. Do you dare to wear pure brown or brown with a touch of wine or even black lipstick?
  5. Metallic lips. The brightness will not be presented only in the clothes, but also in makeup. How about something innovative, like metallic lips? Fashion!

What is your favorite makeup trend for winter? Leave your opinion in the comments!