Here Is the Price of LG G Flex

LG’s new flagship is coming soon in the Danish stores, but unlike LG’s previous models, it will not be a price the Basque.
The phone, which has been marketed as flexible and self-healing, LG G Flex, lands very soon in the Danish shops. But, with its 6 “Flex screen is a so-called phablet, are not something cheap acquaintance. LG joins the suggested retail price in addition to just under 6000 dollars, without subscription.
Thus, there is a jump in prices, from the former top model, LG G2, which at launch cost about 3,500 SEK.
But there is a good explanation of LGs Danish Sales Manager, says Fenton. 
-“It’s like comparing apples and bananas. We are dealing here with a new technology and a completely different size. OLED screen costs a little more to make and Flex is a statement, it can be something that no one else can. I do not think that the price is as bad, if you’d like to be the first mover and have the latest. We do not know yet how the competitors are going to price similar products, we must wait and see, “he told our site.

Right on the stairs

LG G FLex framework the Danish stores on 14. February, where it can be purchased from the following (official) dealers: Vodafone, Telenor, 3, Telmore, Call me, Elgiganten, Proshop, Bilka and Expert. Allereder now can Flex be pre-ordered in several places, where it is seen at a price of down to just below the 5,500 crowns.