Hello: New Orkut Social Network is Released in Brazil

The forecast was in August, but it looks like Orkut Buyukkokten stepped forward and released on Tuesday (19) Hello for Brazilians. The new social network creator of the defunct Buzz focuses on building friendships and gamification to encourage users to participate in the service.
We have explained in detail how the Hello. The interface resembles the old Instagram, allowing only square images. Folio, a kind of news feed based on your interests, lists publications (here called “jots”) that you can “love” between photos and short texts.
These personal interests are defined in the Personas. You can choose up to five traits that define you as “lover of gadgets,” “technology fan,” “coffee lover”, “photographer” and “geek”. The more interactions generate their publications, the greater the chance of you becoming a persona leader.
Incidentally, gamification is everywhere: you earn coins, gifts and other rewards for log daily or love a post, comment or user. As you earn points, you can finish the level. And of course, no way to buy coins: the packages range from R $ 3.19 per 200 coins up to R $ 159.99 for 15,000 coins (!).
The game mixed with social network can be accessed only through application, which is free and is now available for Android and iOS.