Health: App Detects HIV in Seconds

Researchers in the Uk have developed something innovative and that will mark the world of medicine: this app detects the HIV virus in seconds. Learn how!

App Detects HIV

An app that detects HIV in seconds was released. This is a test of only 10 seconds to know whether a particular individual has contracted the HIV virus, based on mobile technology. An amazing discovery and breakthrough that will mark forever the world of medicine and that will facilitate the work of medical and technical diagnostics, as a way to almost instantly diagnose someone with the virus of the immunodeficiency immune.

The Ebola virus, and Zika are the sorrowful recollection of that infectious diseases are among the most serious threats to human health and can spread quickly and unpredictably from the focus of contagion. The same happens with the HIV virus and new infections that will arise each year, increasingly with acquired resistance to the drugs.In these cases, rapid diagnosis plays a crucial role in any outbreak situation, enabling the patients to get faster access to treatments potentially vital and informing prevention strategies to protect the general public.

Starting from this motto, it has been discovered a technique for quick and effective that may be available at any location in the world, since the app detects HIV in seconds.


It was created a diagnostic device, ultra-fast and effective that takes advantage of the biochips of the surface acoustic wave (SAW), to detect HIV with just a trickle of blood in the space of 10 seconds.

The biochip quartz disposable, component-based microeletrónicas found on a smartphone, it is extremely fast because there are required complex steps of labeling, amplification, or washing.

Then, a control box is small and fits in the pocket of some pants reads the signal SAW and displays the results electronically, marked by the high analytical sensitivity and specificity. To finish the process, the findings are read and displayed on a mobile device, aka smartphone.

With all of this eliminates long waiting times of the test, giving access to the patients the treatment that might save life, and will support public health interventions are the most appropriate to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases.

See better how it works this innovative device, an app that detects HIV, as well as other infectious diseases, in seconds.

Since the HIV virus appeared in the world, we estimate that about 78 million people were infected and 35 million have died from diseases related to the virus.