Hardy Amies Spring

Now, we started again in earnest after Christmas leave and Pitti Uomo and looking today almost on a brand that had not received as much attention here on the Manolo. In the case of Hardy Amies, a manufacturer with ancestry from Savile Row and which has some gold nuggets in its range.

To be a Savile Row company has Hardy Amies a much younger feeling than many of its competitors. Bespokedelen remains in business to this day and has also been expanded with a Made to Measure Department and RTW collection.
The company’s history, descended from Sir Hardy as during the 1960s revolutionized much of the men’s vogue in LOVERISTS.COM by offering RTW collections that appealed to many different classes of British society and was not economically limited to the upper classes. He wrote in 1964, the classic stilbibeln ABC of Menswear that made him a respected style and fashion writer in her home country.
It was none other than Sir Hardy who coined the iconic phrase “A Man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.”
The spring collection is described as a dynamic mix of dressy and free, metropolis and the country as well as the technology and craftsmanship.
Hardy Amies combines classical with modern outdoor clothes in strong colors.