Hannspree Hannspad SN1AT71, Analysis

Increasingly there are more tablets with Android and Xataka Android we want to try everything possible, so that readers may have the best market information. In this case, we bring you analysis of a 10 “mark Hannspree Tablet, a very economical option for this size.
We have a tablet that you would include in the lower-middle range since the finishes are not the best thing that has, but has enough power to not disappoint in daily use. Yet for the most demanding it falls short. Let’s look at what we think.

Hannspree SN1AT71, physical finishes

With this tablet if you have a stick, a large stick, it is with physical finishes. I just do not convince. We have an excessively thick tablet with too look plastic on the sides. Yes, I know that there are leading brands, like Samsung, that plastic is used in abundance but at least concealing it, is a premium plastic. Here also used a plastic that isn’t on the back, which is very elegant, but they leave a flange for the sides that I don’t like nothing and who also feels at all times when we have it in our hands.
The rest of the finish is decent. On the front we have the screen and front camera. Frames are something over, it could have more hurry to make it smaller (179, 9 mm x 263, 2 x 9 mm, 8 mm). In three of the sides there is nothing since they have placed all the buttons and connectors on the left side, which seems somewhat excessive.
On the left side we have everything: button power, volume, MicroSD, HDMI, headphones, micro USB and power connector (Yes, does not charge by the micro USB, a mistake). For my taste the things are too knotted and as almost whenever the power next to the volume button is placed, are often confused.
On the back we have a quite elegant plastic finish except for the top that sticks out the of the sides. Also see the camera back, centered and that it does not protrude (well), and two loudspeakers that are superior in quality to what I come used in mid-range but which do not reach the best thing I’ve ever heard (Interestingly, in an iPad).
In short, we are faced a tablet which is not known for its physical finishes. The rear pointed ways but little else. If you are not very demanding in this regard, we are still analyzing the tablet.

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Performance hardware

First of all, let’s get technical specifications which brings this tablet to then talk of personal impressions and benchmarks, which is the best way to see how to render these specifications that are good on paper.

Hannspree Hannspad SN1AT71: specifications
Screen IPS Panel 10.1 ”, touch capacitive 10 points
Resolution qHD 1280 × 800 pixels, 160 dpi
Dimensions 203 mm x 55 mm x 303 mm
Weight 620g
Processor ARM Cortex A9 1.2 GHz Quad Core
Graphics processor GC1000 + MP
Memory 16 GB + microSD
Version Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean
Connectivity Wireless 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth
Expansion ports MicroSD, MicroUSB
Cameras Front: 0.3 Mpx / rear: 2 Mpx
Battery 3.7V Li-Polymer 6000 mAh battery
Access to Google Play Yes, series
Recommended price 199 euros

On paper does not paint evil this tablet, but in its daily use will somewhat slow. Applications are slow to open, transitions are slow, if you are upgrading an application everything is so slow that it is impossible to do anything with it… which does not square very well with a 4 core processor at 1.2 GHz. It has paint that is not optimized or missing memory.
Playing Dead Trigger 2 on the Hannspree Hannspad… not very fluid
If we look at the benchmarks we see that it is not only my impression, in them it does not render very beyond. That’s why we can not think this tablet to play the latest market but rather to make a light use: watch videos, browse, read, post, etc. We have tested some modern, like Dead Trigger 2 or the Dark Knight game, and they were not bad at all but the necessary fluidity needed to make the experience perfect.

Hannspree Hannspad SN1AT71: performance
AnTuTu 9.956 points
Quadrant 2.575
3DMark Ice Storm: 2137 / Ice Storm Extreme: 1125
EPIC Citadel 22.7 FPS @ 1280 × 752, High Quality / > 23.3 FPS @ 1280 × 752, High Performance
BenchmarkPI 691 milliseconds, since #37.994

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The screen has good brightness and color reproduction, but the density of pixels is somewhat limited for what we see lately. If we approach a bit you can see pixels and we are not, therefore, to the best experience.
Regarding the multimedia aspect we have a tablet with one sufficient GPU to play videos in HD. It also has an HDMI output, so in this section we have a very interesting option.
With respect to the camera, I am still to see a camera of a tablet that worthwhile. And in this case we aren’t to an exception. Is a camera that simply take pictures and we will only get good results if there is enough light. Hannspree is not in the career of the cameras today.

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Hannspree SN1AT71, software

Hannspree Hannspad Desktop Screenshot
The Hannspree tablet comes with a version of something old Android, the 4.1.1. Pledges, that it will be updated to 4.2 before end of year, but it should not be forgotten that we are already on Android 4.3 and 4.4 is about to come out. However we can say that the great new Android arrived in 4.0 and 4.1 increased fluidity, therefore we have a fairly current version of software.
That Yes, the not to bring Android 4.2 the notification bar is still below right, next time, and application menu throws up right. Buttons for back, home and change applications, along with one capture screen, are down to the left. I’d like to see when upgrading to Android 4.2 if they keep this old interface or if they move to the more modern of the Android tablets.
Version of the Hannspree Hannspad
The interface which brings the tablet is standard. There is no substantial modifications of Android. Brings some pre-installed applications but they are not many (basically the office suite) Planmaker mobile It costs 8 euros, and in addition you can uninstall without problems). So that in this respect the tablet is fine for those who like me love a taste of pure Android.
Just turn on the tablet came an update via OTA. Therefore this tablet has this type of updates, commonplace in phones but that is not always true in tablets of less well-known brands. In this case the update was installed without any problem.


We have a 10 “tablet with finishes that are running ways but not just convincing, especially in the plastic used on the sides. Side connections also help a lot to convince in terms of finishes. Performance is a tablet that not noted, enough for a light use but it will do for the most demanding who want to squeeze the most investment. I.e., no modern games. Instead, the software is very consistent and we are going to have a quite nice Android experience.
Is the price? The 199 euros of preferred price make it attractive for this size and I think it may be an interesting option for those who are looking for a tablet for occasional use. But not hopefully wonders for that price.
The terminal has been granted for tests by Hannspree.
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