HANNSpad Series T74, Analysis

HANNSpree It renews its range of tablets with the HANNSpad series T74, while maintaining a commitment to offer very competitive prices and specifications balanced. Or in plain language, tablets of mid-range, with care aspect, but at low price.
In this in-depth analysis, we review everything that gives him this T74, a nice tablet which the major drawback which can be is that it offers no differentiator in terms of design that will highlight among the current batch of tablets in its category.
The front of the T74 series is characterized by its Panel IPS and the thick black frame. I have always considered that 10-inch tablets a generous framework is an advantage that eases its grip and use, although in HANNSpree could have trimmed few millimetres without harming the ergonomics.


The back cover is metal, with a subtle textured finish pleasant to the touch. As usual metal tablets, the housing is a way of escape from the dissipated heat, so during heavy usage, we will notice how heated.
A plastic rim join the front with metal casing, covering the area of the rear view camera. Here’s a small hassle, or not, depending on how advanced you have your obsessive compulsive disorder: to make room for connectors, has only a small step on the side are these concentrates. It is not to be a big problem, but for those who like the symmetry is rare to note the step only on one side.
The rear is dominated by metal, a very nice touch in hand without feeling of resbalacidad. And here There’s delicacy, as expected in these finishes. The unit’s loan we tested, despite being new, came with a visible blow along the holes of one of the speakers. This detail can be seen in photos.
Yes, again a tablet with the speaker facing rearward, When would the right thing be on the front or on the side. I say this in every review, in the hope that some manufacturer heard my cries and pass them a note to equipment design, but every time I have less hope that will become a standard instead of the current rarity.
The sound quality is good, but the arrangement of the speakers cause a notable loss to rest it on a flat surface.
On the front are thick frames and the screen, which wins when lit. The reason is that turn off acquires a very unattractive greenish tone. But turned on, it shows a resolution and range of colors more than satisfactory.
Metallic body, although delicate, is pleasant to the touch. The thick frame that fits to the IPS panel is of good quality, and acquires a strange greenish tone while it is turned off.
Thanks to its lightweight materials, the device does not seem heavy in hand. Tablets of this size, 620 grams It is something that falls within expectations. Its dimensions are 179.9mm x 9.8mm x 263.2mm.

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Screen and hardware

As IPS panel which is, the screen has a viewing angle of almost 180 degrees, with a presentation of colors properly and live. It has of luminosity sensor, What is always welcome. The brightness outdoors is just something, but as I always say, the tablets of this size are more useful indoors.
The diagonal is 10.1-inch with a resolution of 1280 x 800 WXGA, so the density is 128 DPI.
That Yes, this HANNSpad has figures in their very promising specifications, although in truth it shows a slight delay in the touch response, so the general feeling is a fluidity something below what is desirable. It does not seem as much caused by shortage of hardware resources, but rather a wide margin for the optimization of the system.
Let’s review the raw data of this equipment in the following specifications table, to see at a stroke what is hidden under the housing:

HANNSpad series T74, specifications
Physical dimensions 179.9 x 9.8 x 263.2 mm620 grams
Screen IPS of 10.1 inches, 10 beats
Resolution WXGA 1280 x 800 pixels, 128 DPI
Processor ARM Cortex-A9 Quad Core @ 1.3 GHz
Graphics processor PowerVR SGX 540
Memory 16 GB + microSD up to 32 GB
Version Android 4.4.2 KitKat
Connectivity WiFi 802.11 b/g /Bluetooth 4.0NFC
Cameras Front: 0.3 MPRear: 2.0 MP
Battery Battery Li-ion, 6000 mAh
Sensors Light, accelerometer
Approximate price 150 euros
Other data Metal housingAvailable in white, red and black

In general, the T74 series is a tablet of pretty standard specifications within its range, with no that stands out especially. The absence of GPS It is a negative point, although its main use in interiors, limiting functionality to the precision that can give the location via network. Surprising that compensation mode, dispose of NFC.
The fair amount of RAM and the generic ARM processor, despite four nuclei, can be the cause of that feeling of slight delay in response in the management of the system.
Of the 16 GB storage, the user has 14 available in 1 GB of internal memory and 13 internal SD, something that makes time that didn’t and could cause problems when installing applications.
Another aspect that I will never understand is the commitment to offer a non standard charger, While it is perfectly possible to load it via the microUSB port.

Performance and autonomy

We have already come some pieces of the performance of this tablet, but it’s time to bring out the standard test results to those that have submitted it.
For everyday use, this team is more than enough. Faced with the benchmarks, it weakens especially in the graphical part, although we can confront powerful games.
The following data show the best result after three rounds.

HANNSpad series T74, performance
AnTuTu X Standard: 14.359 points
Quadrant 9.244 points
3DMark Ice Storm @720p v1.2: 3.263 Ice Storm Extreme @1080 v1.2: 1.731Ice Storm Unlimited v1.2: 2.533
EPIC Citadel High Performance: 31.8 FPS @720p
High Quality: 32.7 FPS @720p
Ultra High Quality: 12.4 FPS @720p
BenchmarkPI 612 milliseconds
Vellamo HTML5: 759Metal: 391Multicore: 842

In the box, HANNSpad boasts that thanks to its quad-core team is ready for multi-tasking, and being able of play up to six videos simultaneously. I don’t know who would want to do something like this, but we have not found a way to check it.
All connectors are located on the same side
Autonomy is about 5 hours intensive, although unfortunately the tablet continues to drain the battery mode standby, so with the off screen, we will not win all the time that we should use. It will be necessary to load it at the end of the day.
To verify this, I loaded the tablet completely and let it rest. Time which marked the system to put it to charge was of one day and five hours, without powering up the screen at that time.


Did not expect much from the cameras of a team like this, but that is the most prominent of only 2 MPx It seems disappointing, insufficient to make the slightest catch with a decent quality.


HANNSpree has opted to offer a almost pure Android experience, with the developer features enabled, and a screenshot button next to the change implementation. While it is very useful when it comes to reviews, day by day you will make many catches unwittingly.
Another welcomed is that does not come with preinstalled junk. Instead, HANNSpree has opted to include a list of suggestions of apps that we can install from Google Play, either avoid them perfectly. “Your device, your applications”, shown in advertising.
A function made by the manufacturer is TRIM, a garbage collection mechanism designed to free space unused on the tablet automatically.
It is assumed that this system the system is maintained in good condition, to avoid build-up of remnants of uninstalled applications or temporary files, so as not to lose performance with everyday use. It is something that only we can appreciate in the long term, so we can not comment about its effectiveness.

HANNSpad series T74, Xataka Android view

In conclusion, HANNSpad series T74 fits into what I expected of it. It has a elegant, yet simple design. Perhaps to the point of being little striking in spite of its metal casing.
With what is sold is with a good performance when it comes to playing videos, and a properly adjusted price.
The screen is sufficient, with good colors and excellent viewing angle offered by IPS panels.
It is in the graphics performance where he most notices that it is far from being a high-end. However, the tablet will respond properly in everyday use. That Yes, remembering that it must be the charger on hand.

In favour

  • Good quality screen
  • Elegant design
  • Adjusted price


  • Battery stand-by drainage
  • You can see a little delay in the tactile response
  • Absence of GPS

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